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CALM MODEL: Advance Leadership style for the Co-Workers Motivation in Covid-19


There was a time when everyone was living happily and out of sudden pandemic hit the world and the whole world is affected so we are also affected with it. We know that our work life has disturbed and emotional state is vulnerable but its not the end of the world.

I know it’s a hard time on all of us we never thought in our lifetime we would be experiencing what we are experiencing today. I know we are having a depressing and dark time but do worry not there is always a light at the end of tunnel It may seem hard to get to it but together we can do it just keep working towards it and we will find the positive side.

here I have come up with the CALM model. We need to stay calm and follow calm model.


Communicate: the power of human connection is very important we know there is a lot of stress there is a lot of pressure which is why communication is so critical right now. so not communicating is definitely not the option. its important to be open and listen to each other . we have to relentlessly communicate we have to have sense of decisions.

Action: In the action we need to make decision that we are not going to just sit in stress and worries. We have to be motivated and have a positive mindset We need to be ready to adapt things and keep the momentum up take a step ahead help each other by communicating to each other we all are part of one system. We all are one system.

Lead: we need to lead together we need to work on the collective approach to our collective goal In order to lead we have to be ready to adapt the change and efficiently manage the situation and help eachother and identifiy problems and find their solution and help others in their problems. We need to have a positive mindset and motivate to ourselves and others in order to lead. No one should be left alone we all need to take care of eachother.

Manage: We need to manage the stress and help to eachother in managing the stress we need to manage and take control of reality, plans and actions. Remember this crisis will eventually pass. Lets scratch disappointment, hopelessness out of hearts. Deal it bravely and valor.

we need to remain united and resolute I believe in years to come we will take pride in how we responded to this challenge

So that’s all from my side just keep C.A.L.M.  that’s all from my calm model.

In the dark times
Will there also be singing?
Yes, there will be singing.
About the dark times.