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Can Concerts Cause Hearing Difficulties?


Who doesn’t love concerts? I mean if you ask me, I actually don’t miss any concert of my favorite band. The live music, colorful environment, and guitar solo bring a literal chill in my body and mind. I can always browse Spotify and listen to my favorite songs. But the experience of a concert is totally priceless.

However, the sound can often exceed our safe hearing limit. As we know, sounds below 70dB are considered safe for our ears. A rock concert can reach as much as 115 dB, and if it’s any kind of metal concert, well, it can reach higher.

So the question is, can concerts cause hearing difficulties? If so, do you need to stop going to concerts? Or, is there any other way to both enjoy concerts and keep your hearing healthy? Well, let’s find out.

Overview of the Problem

When we are constantly exposed to sounds over 85 dB, it highly impacts our hearing health. Depending on where you are standing, the sound from concerts can exceed more than 100dB. A concert can last from one hour to six hours maximum if multiple bands are playing. So, when you expose yourself to high frequencies of sounds for long periods, it hits your inner ear hard. When your inner ear is hit hard enough, the hair cells that reside there get damaged.

In the first stage, you may experience ringing sounds in your ears. This symptom is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is caused due to any underlying problems with your hearing health. This ringing or buzzing sound can occur constantly or periodically. In most cases, it may resolve within a few hours to a few days.

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