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Don’t Buy Hemp Seeds Blind — Read This Guide First


Choosing a seed bank is a critical step in your marijuana growing journey. As a grower, this helps shape your strain, determines how well your harvest can perform, and can even impact future soil quality. Because of this, you want to partner with the right seed banks.

Whether you’re working with an online seed bank or you’re looking to purchase marijuana seeds with stealth shipping, making the right decisions now can empower your career as a grower in the United States. Here’s what you need to know about buying cannabis seeds.

Only buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seedbank.

Sometimes, it’s important to work with the best seedbanks on the market, even if they’re more expensive. After all, not every seed bank is created equally. Some don’t produce top-quality marijuana seeds. Others provide lackluster customer service. Therefore, growers need to pick the right marijuana seeds that combine cannabis seed quality and affordability. This can help you get your grow off to a good start.

When you’re looking for an online seed bank, check out the brand’s reviews. See if they provide a germination guarantee for their marijuana seeds. Check out what previous customers say about the brand’s marketing, customer service, packaging, and discount offers. If you spot any major red flags, it might not be the best seed bank for you.

Ask important questions.

Whether you’re trying to learn about payment options, free shipping, or different strains of high-quality seeds, the best way to get the answers you need is to ask questions. It’s often best to approach each seed bank like a beginner. Cover some of the basics first. Ask about how the cannabis seeds were harvested, the germination rate, the breeder genetics, and any guarantees.

You can also talk about applicable payment methods from bank transfers to cryptocurrency and debit card options. You can also ask if the seed bank has in-house breeders, ships using discreet package options, and offers weed seeds with the best genetics. This can help you pick high-quality seeds that will become cannabis strains, high CBD, and other top products.

Choose quality seeds based on your grow.

If you’re a beginner trying to create a cannabis strain for the first time, the type of seeds you’ll buy will depend on your grow’s location. If you’re growing a wide range of strains outdoors, choose cannabis seeds that can thrive in an outdoor environment. Check the soil pH, mineral levels, and quality. You want high-quality soil and the best seeds for outdoor locations.

However, many growers in the cannabis industry rely on indoor growing operations these days. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to look for cannabis seeds that work with indoor humidity and are resistant to common indoor cannabis plant pests. So whether you’re growing a high-THC Sativa strain or you’re working on your take on a traditional White Widow, you don’t want to lose your hard work because you bought cannabis seeds that weren’t compatible with your growing environment.

Ideally, if you’re working with the best cannabis seed bank on the market, they’ll advise you on specific cannabis seeds for your grow. This can make a major difference between success and failure.

Take the time to cultivate a relationship.

With any luck, you’ll find quality cannabis seeds and marijuana seed banks that you can depend on as your business continues to grow. The top seed banks can help you craft your strains, choose the right weed seeds, and empower you to develop innovative cannabis products. Taking the time to build a relationship with your seed bank is a great way to help set your business up for long-term success.

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