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Clash of Clans: Tips to Become an Expert Player of Builder Base


clash of clans

If you find it difficult to master builder base in Clash of Clans, don’t worry, we got you covered. Builder base was introduced not long ago in the game and its gameplay is a bit different from Main base. You face players in real-time here as opposed to Min base where you search and attack a random village in multiplayer battles. Victor is determined on the basis of stars earned. If both players get equal number of stars (which is the case most of the times), then player with higher destruction percentage will declared as victorious. Following tips will help you in mastering the Builder base of Clash of Clans:

Placing your Defenses:

Defenses position is equally more important in builder base as it is in Main base. Try to place defenses with long range attack like Watch Tower and Cannons in the center. Some players place the Giant cannon near the boundary, that strategy is not very good. A lot of players use Beta Minions and Sneaky Archers. So, they can take out the defenses near the boundary walls easily. Also try to keep your defenses behind other buildings like elixir collector, gold mines and storages. Contrary to Main base, during the attack of Builder Base, the opponent cannot loot your resources. Don’t worry, if your resources are placed outside the defensive range, it won’t do you much harm. Your primary focus should be on saving the Builder Hall at every cost.

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Attacking Strategy:

At the start of every attack, you are given a minute to scout enemy base and plan your attack. You can alter troops before attacking. But once the attack begins, troops cannot be changed. Another thing related to builder base attacking is that you cannot change enemy base during the attack (contrary to Main base attack), so come up with a plan every time you attack. Your aim should be destroying enemy Town Hall. If it is placed in the center and there are defensive buildings all around it with wall blocks equally distributed. Try using multiple Pekka units with some bombers. Bomber will pave way for Pekka units to get inside and they will do the rest. Using Pekka grants a major advantage. It emits a big blast massively damaging nearby buildings.

Watch the Clock Tower:

Clock Tower is a building in Builder Base that can be used to speed up every on-going process. It can be upgraded to increase the speed-up time. Don’t forget to start the clock mode as soon as it refreshes.

Builder Machine:

Builder Machine is your hero in builder base. He delivers heavy punches with each strike. You can upgrade him to increase his ability level and damage. Try to deploy him in front of your normal units to give them a shield.

There are a lot of other techniques which you’ll learn as you play on. Tell us in the comments if you want to share some tips with us.

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