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Codes for the Timber Champions, for the month of November in 2022


Thank you so much for choosing to become a member of the Timber Champions. Please allow me to introduce myself. This is the first edition of the Roblox game, and the objective is to clear the forest as quickly as possible by chopping down trees, earning coins, and hatching adorable creatures to assist you along the way. It is strongly suggested that you make use of these codes in order to receive some free boosts that will assist you in getting started. These boosts may be found in the shop. You should also think about expanding your horizons by exploring new regions and levelling up your axe as additional things to do in the game.

Checking back on this page to see if any new codes have been added is all that is required of you whenever a new upgrade or other comparable benchmark is met. You should not worry about whether or not new codes will be identified because we perform routine inspections to look for them. The fact that Timber Champions is still in its infancy leads us to believe that in the not too distant future, we will be seeing the release of a considerable number of additional codes.

All Timber Champions Codes

You’ll discover a complete rundown of all of the legitimate Timber Champions codes that may be applied to your account at any time during the month of November 2022 right here in the following paragraphs.

Codes for the Timber Champions, for the month of November in 2022

Because of this, when entering a Roblox code, you need to make sure that you type it in exactly as it appears above, including all of the required punctuation, numerals, and capital letters in the relevant places.