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Company Of Heroes 3 – How to Get to Monte Cassino


In two distinct campaigns, Company of Heroes 3 transports players to the Italian and North African fronts of World War II. The first campaign is played on a dynamic campaign map where players can select how to advance. Taking possession of Monte Cassino can be one of the more challenging objectives in the Italian campaign, although several important sites can be approached in different ways. Consequently, this post will outline your route to Monte Cassino in Company of Heroes 3:

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How to Get to Monte Cassino

Near the close of the Italian campaign, the goal of capturing Monte Cassino becomes apparent since it is essential to piercing the Gustav Line, advancing toward Rome, and winning the war.

Company Of Heroes 3 - How to Get to Monte Cassino

It’s not as easy as just sending a division into Monte Cassino and starting the operation, though, as there are a few requirements you must first fulfill. Prior to starting the fight of Monte Cassino, you must accomplish one of the four tasks listed below:

  • Examine Monte Cassino again
  • Monte Cassino bomber
  • Protect the Coast of Adriatic
  • Turn off the powerful railroad artillery.

The first task involves flying one of your aircraft over the region to use the Recon Loiter ability, which lifts the fog of war, shows enemy units, and designates them for assault. The second option is to bombard Monte Cassino yourself with your ships and aircraft, or you can wait ten turns after the goal to capture it initially appears, which triggers an attack by the Allies.

Termoli, Ortona, Bari, and Barletta are among the ports on the eastern side of the map that you must take for the third aim, which is to secure the Adriatic Coast. Ultimately, you will have to participate in the expedition in the western port of Anzio in order to silence the powerful railroad artillery.

Company Of Heroes 3 - How to Get to Monte Cassino

It can be challenging to get here because of the Gustav Line, but you have two options: either take Terracina first or send one of your divisions to board a ship and drop them on the beach close to Anzio. It’s important to keep in mind that you only need to complete one of these tasks in order to activate the quest to seize Monte Cassino, but the decisions you make will affect which characters will be loyal to you.

Eleonora Valenti, for instance, will become less loyal to you if you allow the bombardment of Monte Cassino to continue, and you might not have her backing for the last offensive to break the Winter Line. Move one of your divisions to Monte Cassino once you’ve unlocked the capacity to do so, then finish the objective there. It requires you first take the town below and then assault the monastery at the top of the hill.


What is the best country in Company of Heroes 3?

For new players in particular, the British Forces are arguably the most straightforward side to utilize in Company of Heroes 3. They are a formidable army that possesses a multitude of strong Battlegroups and is well-balanced.

What is the easiest faction in coh3?

British Forces (also known as UKF or Commonwealth) . However, because they don’t require the same level of complexity in decision-making as other factions (like “too many” upgrade options and teching considerations), they are perhaps the easiest faction for new players to understand.

What is the best British tank in Company of Heroes 3?

The Churchill Black Prince, one of the most formidable tanks in the British Forces, is part of the Armored Battle Group. Although the name suggests it is a badass tank, just six prototypes of this vehicle were ever produced and it never saw battle.

How do you unlock all the campaigns in Heroes 3?

In Heroes 3, selecting the “new game” option will always allow you to play only the first three campaigns, which are not considered completed. After finishing a campaign, you must select “load game” each time to load the most recent savegame in order to correctly unlock all campaigns.

Can you pause in Company of Heroes 3?

In Company of Heroes 3, halting a single-player mission displays an action queue for every unit, enabling you to give commands that will be executed in order when the stop is lifted.