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Company of Heroes 3 – How to Use Photo Mode


You can experience the Italian and North African theaters of World War 2 in Company of Heroes 3. You will be in charge of innumerable soldiers from the US Forces, UK Forces, German Wehrmacht, and Afrika Korps, from the verdant fields and beaches of Sicily to the barren dunes of Libya. You can experiment with a variety of mechanics in Company of Heroes 3. Using one of these, you can see a more theatrical perspective of the battlefield without any additional menus or heads-up display (HUD) clutter. Reading this post, you will learn how to use Photo Mode in Company of Heroes 3.

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How to Use Photo Mode

You can use Photo Mode or Screenshot Mode in Company of Heroes 3 in two ways. First, a toggle shows up when you’re on a task. All you have to do is navigate to Settings -> Gameplay to access the Screenshot Mode feature. It will completely erase the HUD if you turn it on.

Alternatively, you can use a straightforward key bind to toggle this. Select the Game option under Settings -> Controls -> View and Remap Controls. You’ll see Toggle Screenshot Mode there. You do this by pressing the shift, ctrl, and forward slash (/) keys by default. To activate it, though, you can set a different keybind, such the “P” key.

Company of Heroes 3 – How to Use Photo Mode

The Company of Heroes 3 Photo Mode and Screenshot Mode functions are really useful, particularly when you want to enjoy the visual detail of the game amid all the explosions and firefights. Additionally, Tactical Pause, a feature that halts all action in single-player combat, can be utilized with this.

You could have crisp, vibrant photos anytime you wanted them, in a sense. Finally, even without a HUD, you can still play the game. However, you will need to learn all of the hotkeys and prevent making mistakes when you are moving units around.

How to Rotate the Camera

Company of Heroes 3 – How to Use Photo Mode

To rotate the camera, just press and hold the alt key while dragging the view to the desired location with the pointer. While rotating, you can also use the scroll to zoom in or out. This is one of the greatest ways to check for good window views before entering a building or to observe flanks. Naturally, remaining in that rotating view won’t be very helpful in the heat of combat.

Double-tap the backspace key to return to the original mode, which rotates the camera. With this combination, you can gaze at every angle in a matter of seconds. Using the arrow keys or a slowed-down cursor for general movement is recommended. Since you’ll be using this camera most of the time in Company of Heroes, make sure your personal settings have the appropriate sensitivity for it.


Does Company of Heroes 3 have replays?

Go to your Steam library, choose the Company of Heroes 3 game, right-click it, and choose Properties to set up the replay. In the ‘Launch Options’ text box, located at the bottom of the ‘General’ menu, copy and paste the launch command that follows. The command shown above will start the last game you played.

How many missions are there in Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3 contains 41 campaign missions, compared to 14 in Company of Heroes 2. There were a total of 22 maps in Company of Heroes 2 for both single and multiplayer play.

What is the best company in Company of Heroes 3?

With their abundance of anti-air, anti-vehicle, and anti-infantry tanks, the Afrikakorps can prove unbeatable against nearly any adversary. As the strongest faction in Company of Heroes 3, the Afrikakorps may be an unstoppable force for any opponent who isn’t at the top of their game.

What is the best difficulty in Company of Heroes 3?

It’s highly advised that you stay on Standard until you gather your bearings and grow accustomed to mechanics if you’re new to Company of Heroes in general.

What is the best British tank in Company of Heroes 3?

The Churchill Black Prince, one of the most formidable tanks in the British Forces, is part of the Armored Battle Group. Although the name suggests it is a badass tank, just six prototypes of this vehicle were ever produced and it never saw battle.