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Convert Your Documents and Images To PDF For Free


Soda PDF has many applications including opening, reviewing, and converting documents and images to PDF format. It has a couple of significant features for maintaining the quality of the documents and pictures. The size of the files can be changed during the process of the conversion. The PDF is a very lightweight document and ideal for file sharing in a professional way.

Soda PDF is the fastest and easy-to-use PDF converter online for files in any form of the document including Microsoft Word, Excel, or any Powerpoint file. It simply converts the files in any format to the selected or desired format with only a single click. The quality of content and images remain the same throughout the process of conversion. This is a very versatile application based on its quality and latest features.

Conversion of Files to PDF with Soda PDF Desktop

After launching the Soda PDF Desktop, it is very easy to drag and drop the file from your desktop to the Soda Desktop application. It is the best market tool for PDF creation and also has other applications like creation, conversion, security, and sharing of portable documents and files.

There is another easy option to simply click “Convert to PDF” from the main menu. The first step is to select the file by clicking the open option and then the file gets automatically converted into the desired file format.

Difference between Soda PDF Online and Soda PDF Desktop

To convert the files, the initial step is to open the Soda PDF Online directly from any web browser for assessing the various PDF tools. The conversion of the files to PDF is a slightly different process from the Soda PDF Desktop. In the Soda PDF Desktop, the files are easily dragged and dropped.

There are different suggestions for the Windows and MAC users: the Windows users have suggestions to download and install the Soda PDF desktop application and for the MAC users, mostly the online tools of the Soda PDF are usually recommended. So, the Soda PDF online is assessed with the help of an online browser and the desktop application is assessed through the installation and launching process. Both are extremely easy to use.

Conversion of PDF to Image

Soda PDF can convert the files to an image file with the help of image tools by dragging and dropping the selected documents/files. Initially, you need to select the image file format and after that, the output folder is chosen for the new file format and finally, you can export the converted. The file either can be in the form of PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF.

Final Words

Hence, it can be concluded that Soda PDF is a very useful and easy tool for managing and maintaining the different file formats for easy access and use in time of need. PDF files are very secure and cannot be edited in a single trace. It has many online as well as desktop applications and offers different opportunities for MAC and Windows users. What else do you need?