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5 Effective Tips on Choosing a Good Essay Topic


Were you given an essay writing task but did not know what to talk about? As a student, you will constantly find yourself in this situation. Schools incorporate writing tasks in their curriculums not only to evaluate the students’ skills but also to know their interests. Some teachers allow their students to choose their own topic to express themselves more. Drafting also becomes easier because you already have prior knowledge about the subject.


However, choosing the best topic can be challenging. Students have several hobbies or interests that they want to discuss, but they can only choose one. Often, they end up feeling not motivated to do it because they prefer to get some help. They look for professionals who can provide an essay writing service in 1 hour. But if you do not have the means to pay them, you can still write a paper on your own. Below are five tips on choosing a good essay topic to produce an impressive output.


Pick a Topic That’s Interesting 

The first thing you must know on how to pick an essay topic is identifying your interests. Teachers consider their students’ varied preferences that affect their motivation in accomplishing the task. Because the writing process is not easy, they try to make the activity appealing. They do this by allowing them to choose a topic they like. Therefore, you must take advantage of this opportunity by selecting the one you want the most.

You can take various steps in picking an engaging topic. First, you can list all your hobbies and interests on paper or on your device. Eliminate the ones you think are unacceptable in your school, or your teacher might disapprove. Afterward, it would be best to search the internet and check whether you have enough materials for the subject. Otherwise, remove them from your list and move to the next one. Remember that citation is essential in writing, especially if you create an argumentative or informative essay. Once you have determined the right one, you can finally develop a thought-provoking thesis statement.

Besides creating your list, you can also look for prompts online. You can find numerous articles that show a list of essay topics about different fields. These include business, medicine, education, sports, and environmental issues. They can spark your interest, generating more ideas and engaging output. You can also try writing prompt generators, which content creators and writers usually use. They provide random topics for you to use. If you are up for a challenge, you can try it yourself.

Consider The Scope of Your Topic

Another helpful tip for making a good essay is considering the scope of your topic. Once you have selected a general subject, you must make it more specific. This is when a well-constructed thesis statement comes into place. If you talk about a broad topic, you might not find it easy to create the whole paper. You will lack focus and might end up talking about different and irrelevant things instead. Therefore, you must create a clear and specific thesis statement and ensure that it is substantiated in your entire work.


Brainstorming is crucial in the writing process because it allows you to generate all your prior knowledge about the topic. You use this time to let your ideas flow mindlessly. Sometimes, you might feel too burdened with the task’s difficulty that you tend to lose focus and concentration. This feeling can also make you skip interesting ideas because you want to finish the activity as soon as possible.


To brainstorm correctly, you must prepare a writing device first, whether a pen and paper, smartphone or computer. Make a list or lists of every word or idea you can associate with your broad topic. You can jot down words or phrases, not just complete sentences. Do not be too conscious about the grammar because it might interfere with your momentum. It will also be best not to skip absurd or humorous ideas. You might find a way to incorporate them later on.

If you still have a lot of time, you can brainstorm for at least 30 minutes. If not, you can do it for 15 or 20 minutes. It will also help to look for already written essays to get inspiration and valuable ideas.

The Topic Should Fit Your Writing Tone

Sometimes, choosing an interesting essay topic is not enough to produce excellent output. Often, students find themselves lost while drafting their papers, no matter how interesting the subject is. It can be because they do not feel any connection with it. They might also think that their work does not reflect their personality or style.

While an engaging topic is crucial, you must also ensure that it fits your writing tone. You must consider your tone and style as the writer while selecting a subject. It is because they can affect the overall message of the paper. So, it would be best to identify your reason and purpose for writing and, most importantly, your audience. Doing this before drafting will help you choose the appropriate terms and techniques that can influence your readers’ perception of the text.


Seek Help From Your Professor

Last but not least is asking your professor directly. When this task seems overwhelming, you can look for other people to help you out. In selecting good process essay topics, it would be best to ask your teacher instead. Sometimes, teachers just wait for their students to come to them and ask questions. Once you do this, they can give you topics that are appealing to them. They can also suggest those that you might have overlooked. Most importantly, they can even share tips on how you can write your paper and what to include.

In conclusion, selecting a topic for your essay is challenging because of internal pressure and lack of motivation or background knowledge. But you can follow some tips on how to choose a topic to write about to make this task easier. These include picking an interesting prompt, brainstorming, and seeking help from your profession. It would also help to consider your scope and writing tone. You must also have enough materials to be used as references. But no matter what you choose, you must be comfortable talking about it.