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Cyberpunk 2077: The Highwayman Mission Guide


Only the strongest and most ruthless survive in the neon-drenched urban jungle of Night City. The powerful rule the streets while the weak become prey. This dog-eat-dog nature is highlighted in Cyberpunk 2077’s hidden side mission, The Highwayman. Centred on two friends caught between loyalty and betrayal, this gig provides valuable insight into the cyberpunk world’s harsh realities. Players who uncover this optional job will experience the morally grey choice of confronting a backstabber and be rewarded with an exotic motorcycle for their efforts. However, finding the mission requires visiting a remote corner of the map. This guide will outline the steps to initiating The Highwayman and navigating its grim narrative. For those seeking a window into Night City’s savage way of life and a free top-shelf bike, unlocking this secret gig is a must.

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Initiating The Highwayman Job

To unlock The Highwayman gig, head to the district of Santo Domingo, specifically Rancho Coronado on the city’s southeast side. Look for a white garage door marked with a black and white stallion emblem along the side of the road.

Interact with this door to enter the garage, where you’ll discover a trashed motorcycle inside. Inspect the wrecked bike to trigger a conversation with Johnny Silverhand, then check the laptop on the workbench behind it.

Read the ominous message on the computer, then grab the photo next to it showing two friends, Josie and James. This will officially start The Highwayman job in your quest log.

Finding The Truth

With the gig underway, your next task is locating James for more information about his missing friend Josie. This key character sits on a bench near the Apartment’s fast travel point in Japantown’s main square.

Speak to James to learn that Josie had a deadly run-in with the vicious Tyger Claws gang, though the details remain unclear. He asks you to share anything you uncover about Josie’s fate.

Follow the quest marker downtown towards Glen Metro Station. Activate your scanner by the bus stop to spot traces of blood leading into the alley behind the station. Back here, you’ll discover Josie’s corpse stashed behind a dumpster, along with a shard explaining her betrayal at the hands of James. He sold her out to the Tyger Claws to save his skin.

Confronting The Betrayer

With Josie’s grim fate revealed fast travel back to James in Japantown for a confrontation. You’ll have a choice in how to handle this snake – either mercifully let him wallow in regret, or put a bullet in him for his treason. It’s up to you how to bring closure.

Claiming The Reward

With James out of the picture, all remains is claiming Josie’s stolen exotic motorcycle stashed in her secret garage. Travel to the All Foods Plant in Watson’s Northside district, where you’ll spot the hidden garage just northeast of the junction.

Look for the white door with Josie’s black stallion emblem. Input the code “0214” to open the door and discover the Nazaré Itsumade bike inside. Interact with it to add this exotic speedster to your personal collection of vehicles.

Cruising Night City In Style

With cybernetic implants and futuristic weapons, mercenaries rule Night City’s streets. But to truly look the part, you need a set of wheels to match. The Highwayman gig not only provides an impactful cyberpunk story but rewards V with the Nazaré Itsumade – an exotic sports bike perfect for cruising the neon-bathed highways. This optional mission highlights the grim realities of living in the urban jungle while expanding your garage with free top-shelf transportation.


Q: Where do I find the Highwayman side mission in Cyberpunk 2077?

A: You can find the mission by going to the Rancho Coronado district in Santo Domingo. Look for a white garage door with a black and white stallion emblem on the wall.

Q: What do I need to do to start the Highwayman job?

A: Examine the broken motorcycle inside the white garage to trigger a conversation with Johnny Silverhand. Read the message on the laptop and pick up the photo to officially start the mission.

Q: Where can I find James to get more info about Josie?

A: James sits on a bench in Japantown near the main Apartment fast travel location. Talk to him to learn more about Josie’s disappearance.

Q: How do I find Josie’s body?

A: Follow the quest marker to Glen Metro Station. Use your scanner by the bus stop to spot blood trails leading into the alley. Josie’s body is behind a dumpster with a shard.

Q: What’s the code to open Josie’s secret garage?

A: The code to open the white garage door northeast of the All Foods Plant is “0214”. This will give you access to the exclusive Nazaré Itsumade bike.