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Remnant 2: How To Find The Ornate Key And Lockbox


In Remnant 2, players may find a dead body with an Ornate Key on it while exploring Yaesha. The note beside the body explains that the key can be used to access a lockbox in the Court, albeit locating said box may prove challenging. Some fans may be perplexed as to where to find the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2, and this article will shed some light on the matter. fancy safe deposit box:

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Remnant 2: Ornate Lockbox Location

If you’re looking for the Ornate Lockbox, start your search for the Ornate Key at the Widow’s Court on Yaesha. Those looking for a similar experience to Souls should leave the area via the door on the opposite side of the map. Players will encounter a waterfall-filled pit directly in front of that exit; to reach the pool of water at the bottom, they must first jump into the pit, landing on the ledge halfway down.

Remnant 2: Ornate Lockbox Location

Now that fans have exited the pool, they can take the tunnel leading to a corridor that ends in a chest. Across from the chest lies a brazier, and the wall to its right is really an illusion. Indeed, players can enter a bedroom where the Ornate Lockbox is located by breaking through the wall to the right of the brazier.

Remnant 2: Ornate Lockbox Location

Should You Open the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2

Once the Ornate Lockbox has been found, the Ornate Key can be used to open it from the player’s inventory. In Remnant 2, the prize for fans relies on how they respond to the message near the key’s initial placement, which states that the container should not be opened.

Fans who crack the Ornate Lockbox will find the Thaen Seed inside, which can be planted in Ward 13’s garden or presented to the Eternal Empress at the Red Throne. Giving the seed to the Empress will get the player the Burden of Rebel ring, which has a 15% reduction in Skill Cooldowns but a 25% reduction in the speed at which they can use relics. If they choose to plant the seed, the resulting tree will produce Mature Thaen Fruit, consumables that will bring back the Remnant 2 hero from the dead.

Remnant 2: Ornate Lockbox Location

The Red Doe Sigil can be obtained by giving the Ornate Lockbox to the Empress at the Red Throne without opening it. When the wearer’s health is below 50%, the amulet’s impact doubles, increasing the Relic Healing Effectiveness by 30%. Even while this prize isn’t as potent as the ones you may get with the Thaen Seed, players of Remnant 2 who want to use it in their builds are welcome to do so.


What to do with ornate lockbox Remnant 2?

These quests and/or locations require an Ornate Lockbox. There’s a Thaen Seed within, but to get to it you’ll need to utilize the Ornate Key. Deliver the seed to The Eternal Empress to get the Rebel’s Burden.

Where is the key in the widow’s court Remnant 2?

You’ll need to find the Ornate Key lying next to a dead body close to the palace where the Pan Warriors are roaming before you can use it. The next step is to identify a hidden chamber on the stairwell’s bottom level before ascending to the castle.

What is the code for the lockbox in Remnant 2?

Ford’s Room chest passcode is 0415. Inputting the correct numbers into the chest’s dials will open it. A single key, the Cargo Control Key, is contained within the trunk.

What is matriarch’s insignia Remnant 2?

Improves Melee damage by 35% and grants 10 Stamina for each successful Melee attack. Remnant 2’s Matriarch’s Insignia is a powerful Amulet. An amulet carrying the Red Widows’ crest, Matriarch’s Insignia boosts melee damage and recovers stamina after a successful assault.