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Dating 2022: A Guide to the Main Trends of the Year


2020 and 2021 turned out to be quite fascinating in terms of dating and technologies. The pandemic has forced us all to become more creative, including virtual dates, walks in parks with safe distances, and home cooking classes instead of going out to restaurants. The world of dating has changed — people have begun to think more about what they really want from a relationship. With the end of the New Year holidays, a new season of romantic dating begins. What has 2022 prepared for us? We have tried to highlight the main trends that describe what our dates will look like in the new year.

1. Opting out of Type Search in Dating Apps

According to a Badoo survey, nearly three-quarters (72%) of dating app users want more variety in their dating in 2022 and aren’t going to be stuck on one “type”‎. This trend is clearly gaining momentum — after all, this is what many celebrities have been doing all last year, choosing in favor of unexpected new partners. Leaving our comfort zone in dating, we get the opportunity to meet completely different people and Russian mail order brides on who are not used to being considered as potential partners, but who may well turn out to be an ideal couple for us.

2.  Return to the Game

Just imagine — you have finally recovered from a previous breakup, look your best, and are ready to conquer the world. This is exactly how almost half (43%) of people who are looking for a relationship feel in 2022, and another 42% are ready to break into dating and plunge into dating apps without looking back. After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, getting back into the world of dating can be scary. But there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. A lot of users are now “resurrecting” their profiles on dating apps, and the trend to enjoy dating instead of wandering around in it is sure to continue.

3.  Dates Are Marathons, Not Sprints

After the whole world was put on pause during the pandemic, the perception of time for many of us has changed. Today, longer dates and long courtships are in trend. This is due to the desire to get to know a potential partner better instead of breaking into a relationship on the wings of the notorious “chemistry”. If last year, the average dating time was about three hours, today, this is not enough for the respondents — 83% are not averse to talking with a new acquaintance longer to get to know them better.

4.  No Matches with Friends

The unspoken rule “Everyday life goes one way, dating goes the other”‎ continues to work in 2022. The vast majority of users would not like to stumble upon acquaintances in dating apps and are not ready to communicate with them on these platforms. Those who are not against such matches consider it necessary to “like” them out of politeness — just to say hello (less than 30%).