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What Do Power Users Look For When They Buy a Phone


Just like fish need water to live, and raccoons need trash to rummage through, the modern human needs their mobile phone to survive. Think back to a  few months ago,  when three social media sites shut down simultaneously. The chaos, the outrage, the hopelessness! A cell phone has now become an all-in-one access to the complete human experience, and we definitely can’t live without it.

Nowadays, phones have moved beyond their singular role, and have become multi-purpose gadgets, used for work, communication, and even education! Every day, the Tech industry makes leaps of advancement with regards to phones, with a new model with fancy new features coming out every month.

What are Power Users?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a power user? Well, a power user is someone who uses the advanced features of applications, websites, operation systems, or user hardware, available in phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets. You don’t need to be a technical genius, or a hyper-competent hacker to be classified as a power user. Rather, a power user is defined by their desire to make the most of the features that software and applications provide. Some applications are even built with power users in mind and have specific features and updates to cater to these special users. Many phones come built-in with special software that appeals specifically to power users.

However, every user, novice or expert, is susceptible to damage that can be inflicted on their phone’s hardware or software. On top of that, since power users by design use their phones a lot more than normal people, the likelihood of human errors and others go up too. For example, a power user might drop their phone more frequently than a normal user. Moreover, their curiosities could make them more prone to experimentation, which comes with its risks. So, with these facets in mind, a strong cell phone insurance policy is one crucial thing every power user must invest in. It is important to also choose your phones carefully, especially if you’re a power user, such that the gadget you purchase meets your demands.

Fancy yourself a power user? Here are some features you should look out for:

What Do Power Users Look Out For?

  • Strong Processors: Think of your smartphone as a human body. Well, every human body requires a powerful and functional brain, right? A processor is the brain of your smartphone and controls all the functions. Applications, data, files, browsers, communication, gaming, photography, and even storage are coordinated by the processor. A good processor has enough capacity to juggle several processes at once, efficiently, and can accommodate the extra jazz that power users add to their phones.

The more powerful your phone processor is, the greater load it can handle. AnTuTu and Geekbench are some good benchmarks to use to assess the efficacy of your processors. Power users would not settle for scoring less than 700k.

  • An Optimized Camera System: Nowadays, camera systems are all about software. While hardware has a minor role, how well you can use your camera completely depends on how well you can manipulate and optimize your camera system. All phones have cameras with different kinks.

Some cameras take photos that are a tad too bright, some take great realistic photos, while some take amazing pictures in low-light settings. Some phones can make videos look like the next Marvel movie (fair exaggeration), while some phones can’t take a video without it looking like a grainy disaster. With every phone having camera settings that are essentially a complete mess, power users look for a couple of things that help them optimize their cameras.

High Megapixels may sound like heaven, but a good camera software should have two customizable features: Aperture and Sensor size. Aperture controls the amount of light let into the camera, and sensors capture this light and convert it into photos. The resolution, size, and quality of a picture depend directly on these two items. Moreover, power users look for add-on features like Ultra-wide lens and Telephoto lens.

  • Security Features: Cell phone security should always be your number one priority. In this modern age, phones are the windows to your soul, and it is important to ensure your privacy. Power users usually look for high-class security features with various add-ons. Some useful extra security perks are app locks. Do you want your gallery and Whatsapp to have a separate passcode? Well, you can do that now.

Some phones have a smart-lock, which allows you to open the phone without any password, in certain “trusted situations”. Trusted face, Trusted location, Trusted devices and on-body unlock are some features power users deem as necessary components of the security system

Thus, we can see that power users really analyze and study the various features, software, add-ons, and applications phones can provide. They always choose the best product, and their technical knowledge helps them do so. Want to become a power user? You too can become a gadget expert. All you need to do is invest a few years in some internet research, and spend a few hours tinkering with your phone. The number of new features you’ll discover is sure to blow your mind!