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Dead Island 2: How to Begin Haus DLC


With its expansion pass, Dead Island 2 promised at least two story content DLC packs, and the first one, the Haus DLC, is now available. Haus, a narrative-driven set of missions set outside of Hell-A, is the first piece of DLC content for Dead Island 2. The DLC won’t take you too long to finish, but you must first understand how to launch it. You may learn how to begin the Haus DLC in Dead Island 2 by reading this article:

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How to Begin Haus DLC

First things first, make sure the Haus DLC is installed successfully. By launching Dead Island 2 and selecting the Extras tab from the main menu screen, you may determine if it is. This should show you a distinct Haus-labeled section. If not, just end the game and make sure the DLC file was installed correctly.

Dead Island 2: How to Begin Haus DLC

You can browse any sale file you’d like once you’ve verified Haus has been included to your game. But before you can begin Haus, you must finish the main plot mission “Room Service for Major Booker.” You must so keep playing until you finish that particular quest if your save has not advanced past that point.

Dead Island 2: How to Begin Haus DLC

Once that task is finished, search for an orange icon on your map. If you look at the Bel-Air map more closely, you can see Emma Jaunt’s mansion directly next to the orange icon. If you find yourself in a different area of Dead Island 2, find a quick travel map and walk or trek to Bel-Air.

You can access Emma Jaunt’s outside terrace close to the tennis court by following the orange icon at her residence. This is where you will find an invitation letter waiting for you to engage with it on a glass table with champagne. Approach the letter and click its interact button. A short while later, you will awaken in a new area of Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: How to Begin Haus DLC

This is where the Haus DLC takes place in its entirety. To start your quest, go down to the mansion in front of you from your starting location at the top of a road. Make sure you’re recording The Invitation as your first quest objective in your quest journal.


Who is the best character in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the finest Slayer. Her demeanor is just as combustible as her innate skills. Dani is guaranteed to win your heart if you enjoy clever, occasionally snarky people. She is only one of the game’s greatest characters.

Who is the best Slayer in Dead Island 2?

There is no one best character in Dead Island 2, as it will all depend on how you like to play. For example, Dani is the strongest slayer in terms of endurance, whereas Carla has the most defense against attacks. However, in our experience and those of other gamers, Amy is the character most people choose on their first playthrough.

How long will Dead Island 2 DLC be?

A three-hour playtime and very few new quirks to alter up Dead Island 2’s fundamental zombie slashing formula make this adventure exceedingly brief and a little unexciting, but I won’t turn my nose up at a few more good chuckles from a game I enjoyed.

How good is Bruno in Dead Island 2?

Bruno fits the Lightweight class archetype thanks to his statistics, giving him a good pick for individuals who value mobility and critical strikes. Bruno packs a serious punch, but his maximum health is quite low, so keep that in mind if you plan on playing as him.

How do you get Sam B pistol in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, players must complete the main story until they receive the task Justifiable Zombicide in order to acquire a firearm. Players will team up with Sam B, the protagonist from Dead Island 1, to retrieve weapons from a Beverly Hills mansion in this mission.