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Dave the Diver – Iron Ore Location


Iron ore is one of the several kinds of ore in Dave the Diver. It’s employed in weaponry creation and upgrades. Dave will need to protect himself from harmful sharks and jellyfish to succeed. Dave will want some heavy-duty guns to survive all these underwater confrontations. A man named Duff in Dave the Diver builds and upgrades these underwater weaponry, and he’ll require a variety of supplies to manufacture all these unique weapons. The location of iron ore in Dave the Diver will be explained in this article:

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What is Iron Ore Used For?

To complete Dave the Diver, players will need to gather a vast array of resources. Iron ore is utilized in the same way as copper ore, rope, and other undersea findings to make weapons. As of right now, Dave the Diver only has three metal ore types to find: iron, lead, and copper. It’s mainly just used to build the Sniper Rifle at the moment, but in the future, it’ll probably be utilized to upgrade and create other weapons as well.

Dave the Diver - Iron Ore Location

Iron Ore Locations in Dave the Diver

Around the Limestone Caverns region of the map, in the depth range of 100–120+, is where iron ore may be discovered. It’s likely that you will come upon an iron ore outcropping close by if there are spikes in the area and currents are flowing. When looking for iron ore, a good place to start your search is the vicinity of the sunken ship.

Compared to its relatives copper and lead, iron ore has a paler hue. As a result, you can identify it by sight and avoid unintentionally mining a different mineral that is mistaken for iron ore. Fortunately, you can harvest iron ore without a pickaxe by knowing where to find it in Dave the Diver. If you approach it and strike it, you can mine it flawlessly with just your regular diving knife or any other comparable melee weapon.

Dave the Diver - Iron Ore Location

Each outcrop will yield around three pieces of iron ore. Instead of the actual mining process, the hardest aspect of mining iron is avoiding the current that will fling you onto the lethal spikes. To keep the ore on you, look about and get what you need, then just make sure you return to the boat unscathed. After all, you’ll need it to upgrade and build your weaponry.

Where to Find Iron

Iron ore deposits may be found in many locations, all of which appear to lie between 80 and 130 meters below the surface. In front of the submerged delivery boat, close to the location of the pink box for Duff’s delivery, is an excellent area to discover some of this valuable mineral.

Another way to find it is to search the area just outside the left exit of the Limestone Caves, on the far left side, where Dave the Diver has the Sea People’s Tablet. The only difference between iron ore and lead or copper ore in this independent game is color. Iron will always have a lighter gray or silver tint, but lead ore is a dark gray and copper ore has a coppery hue.

Dave the Diver - Iron Ore Location

Players can strike each deposit three times to receive an ore drop, and only three of them are required to create a Sniper rifle. Simply utilize the melee weapon that is now selected by using the mouse’s right click button to knock the ore off and then gather it. If players uncover any extra iron ore, they may also sell it to Cobra in Dave the Diver to raise more funds for the restaurant’s operations.


Where is the opal ore in Dave the Diver?

Once you exit Sea People Village through the gate, go left until you get to a big cavern that is located just before the room where you battled the Wolf Eel. This is where you will discover the Opal. From there, climb up through the opening above you and follow the route the octopus provided for you back in Chapter 2 of Octopus Returns.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

It is lethal everywhere in The Blue Hole and has the longest range, surpassing even the Grenade Launcher, with the highest (constant) damage output in the whole game. This is, of course, without even discussing the Death Sniper Rifle, its Tier 3 upgrade.

Can you tranquilize shark Dave the Diver?

To tranquilize sharks, players must use either the Modified Hush Dart or the Tranquilizer Rifle. In order to use these weapons, users must update Dave’s smartphone’s Duff’s Weapon Shop app to improve the basic Rifle and Hush Dart. The greatest choice is the Tranquilizer Rifle, which may be obtained by crafting merely a simple upgrade.

What should I upgrade first Dave the Diver?

Unless you are attacked by sea monsters that destroy your boat and result in the loss of treasure and catches, the cargo box is an essential improvement that you should obtain as soon as possible. It helps you maximize your dives and produces good results from every expedition.

Is Raptor good Dave the Diver?

Because of his abilities, Raptor is one of the most unusual employees you may work with. He is the only employee with access to both Wasabi Refill and Cocktail Serving abilities.