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Dave The Diver – How to Sell Items


One of the most crucial aspects of success in Dave the Diver is making money. You need money to run Bancho Sushi, buy new equipment, and satisfy Cobra. But there are many ways to make extra money with this game, and I’m going to tell you all about it. Anything shiny may initially seem alluring, but if you have inventory problems and don’t even know what to do with the loot, you may conclude that it would be a waste of time even to pick them up. You will learn how to sell items in Dave the Diver by reading this article:

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How to Sell Items

Items can be sold in Dave the Diver in two different ways. The first is readily available from the outset, but it’s not one you should use extensively to generate revenue. Go to the menu’s Ingredients tab inside your restaurant to see a list of all the seafood, vegetables, herbs, and recipes you have available.

Any of these ingredients can be highlighted and sold for a little gold. If you have low-rank ingredients that you’ve outpaced, it would be better to unload them rather than selling them for scrap. Otherwise, you’re much better off trying to use these in dishes. Cobra’s Premium Shop is the store you should search for; however, accessing it requires some work.

Dave The Diver - How to Sell Items

You can talk to Cobra on your boat before going on a morning or afternoon dive, and you can enter his shop to buy and sell valuables once you’ve completed the “Where the Current Flows” quest. This is the place to purchase items such as oxygen capsules and short-term speed boosts from a daily rotating stock.

How to Sell Fish in Your Inventory

You will eventually locate expensive and premium ingredients for your restaurant’s menu items. Older fish will then become outdated and clutter your inventory. Go to Bancho Sushi and click the “Ingredients” tab or “4” on your keyboard to sell them for a little cash.

Dave The Diver - How to Sell Items

Here, you can earn a fraction of what you would from a menu item by selling any extra fish, plant, or seasoning you have on hand. Although it isn’t a major source of income, buying fish can be helpful if you know you won’t use it for a dish or can easily obtain it later. The benefit is that you can do this anytime during the day, even at night!

Best Items to Sell

The best ingredients to sell will vary over time if you’re interested in selling any, but they usually boil down to anything you no longer use in a dish or sell. Again, this isn’t the most effective way to sell goods, but it is a possibility. Your options for what to sell are far more varied at Cobra’s Premium Shop.

Don’t worry if, like me, you’re always worried that you will sell a crucial or extremely rare item that you might need for something else. Every item that is 100% safe to sell will have a clear statement about its worth or about selling it. These are a few of the more pricey finds that can be sold.

  • Large Gold Bar: 500 gold
  • Gold Fish Statue: 300 Gold
  • Pearl: 100 gold
  • Silver Bowl: 50 gold
  • Starry Puffer Poison Sack: 50 gold
  • Red Lionfish Thorn: 20 gold

Don’t assume you have to buy the expensive things to make it worthwhile; many other, more common items are worth only a few gold that you can sell in bigger quantities. Gather common items like glass and sell them in large quantities for quick cash.


How do you sell pearls in Dave the Diver?

When interacting with Cobra on the boat, there ought to be a drop-down menu where you can purchase and sell goods.

How to sell silver bowls Dave the Diver?

When Cobra’s shop opens on the boat, the silver bowl can be sold to him for gold, or to Duwa in the Sea People Village for bei.

How to sell items at Cobra Shop Dave the Diver?

You can talk to Cobra on your boat before going on a morning or afternoon dive, and you can enter his shop to buy and sell valuables once you’ve completed the “Where the Current Flows” quest.

How to sell large gold bar Dave the Diver?

One of Dave the Diver’s special items is the large gold bar. a prize for completing the subtask What Happened to the Dolphins? The Cobra Store is the only place it can be purchased, but you have to complete Chapter 1’s fourth mission to get access to it.

What is gold rank in Dave the Diver?

To advance in a Gold rank and higher, you must produce one dish with a minimum “taste” rating. For instance, Gold demands 125 Best Taste, which means you have to prepare one dish that is at least that delicious. To get to this level, dishes frequently need to be improved.