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Dave The Diver: How to Unlock Employees


In Dave the Diver, you’ll be plunging deep under the sea to collect treasure. The player’s goal in the game is to run a sushi restaurant, and to do so they must catch fish, collect supplies, and solve puzzles. Hiring help around the restaurant is a huge time saver and will let players complete tasks much more quickly. In Dave the Diver, these personnel are crucial to the success of the sushi bar’s business. In order to gain access to all of Dave the Diver’s staff, read this article.

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How to Unlock Employees

You are going to need to get through the first few days of the game and create an account on Cooksta before you can begin hiring people to work in your restaurant. Yoshie will show up in the restaurant a few days after you create this account and have a brief conversation with Bancho. This conversation will take place in the restaurant. After that, it will be necessary for you to cook a meal for her.

Dave The Diver: How to Unlock Employees

In order to prepare this recipe, you will need to track down the following components:

Whitetip Reef Shark This shark can be found on the far-right side of the Blue Hole. Head right as soon as you dive and go down to find it. You’ll want to have a gun if you want to get this shark’s meat without getting defeated by it.
Olive Oil Since you’ll be doing this process at the start of the game, the only way to get Olive Oil is by opening red Cooking Pots in the ocean.

You will be able to access the employee system once you have provided Yoshie with the meal and completed the brief conversation that follows.

How to Get Employees in Dave the Diver

This recently published indie game has a new unlockable element that requires the player to post an employment ad. Here are the three choices you’ll find in the restaurant’s Staff menu to accomplish this:

  • 50 coins for a flyer ad that can attract up to two qualified candidates with their current Cooksta ratings
  • Advertise on TV for 150 coins to find new employees with higher ratings on Cooksta; you can hire up to three of them.
  • Post an ad on the internet for 400 coins to hire staff at a level much better than the current Cooksta rating level. You can only get 4 applicants.

Dave The Diver: How to Unlock Employees

Pick one that fits inside your financial means. It will take about one in-game day after the ad has been posted before you start receiving applications. Yoshiel will have the list ready, and you can pick the one who best fits your needs and budget.

How to Use Employees in Dave the Diver

Advice for players of Dave the Diver: Invest in employee training. Then, use the spacebar to select the worker you want to train. This will bring up a mini menu alongside them; this is where players may check out their details, teach them, send them off to collect materials, or other activities. Players should hire at least two waiters or waitresses and a third to go out and get supplies. Two players are needed initially; one to serve, and one to go out and gather supplies.

Dave The Diver: How to Unlock Employees

There will soon be a need for two additional people to help with kitchen prep and another person to help with service as the restaurant continues to expand and attract more customers. Employees can gain access to new abilities through training. It can enable them to do things like pour drinks perfectly every time. Additionally, workers can acquire the skills to:

Dave The Diver: How to Unlock Employees

  • Serve Drinks
  • Clean up tables
  • Get better tips
  • Attract better or more customers
  • Help Bancho with more cooking in this video game

Investing in an employee’s promotion requires financial resources but consumes no time. Don’t spend all your money on Sushi, though; save up for the greatest service possible.


Do you pay staff in the waiting room Dave the Diver?

They do become more powerful as you progress through the levels. The people working in the waiting room DO get paid. The nightly rent for certain level 20 personnel is 300 gold.

How do you swap staff in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver’s Dismiss option can be used to effectively fire workers. The Transfer option used to be here, but it does the same thing in the current game. When you fire an employee, you can recoup some of the money you spent on hiring and leveling them up.

Who is the first hire in Dave the Diver?

As your initial hiring, Maki is also the best cook you’ll have access to for the duration of the game. She has the highest Cooking skill of everyone on staff, having sacrificed almost everything else to become a master at sushi preparation and service in record time.

How do I get more customers on Dave the Diver?

It’s easy to forget to invest some of your hard-earned money in renovating the restaurant’s decor, but doing so can be worth it if it boosts the number of customers who come each night and, in turn, increases your profits.

What does auto supply do in Dave the Diver?

Rather than counting on how many of a given dish you made earlier in the day, Auto Supply will replace its ingredients as they are used, straight from your inventory.