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Viewfinder: How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle


SOS Games’ Viewfinder is a mind-bendingly challenging indie puzzle game in which players move photographs around to transform the world and find answers. Optional challenge level 9.1 in Chapter 4 was one of the most difficult ones I faced. This piece will therefore detail the steps necessary to resolve the watermelon conundrum in the viewfinder:

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How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle

Chapter 4 Level 9.1’s initial sighting is a teleporter with a watermelon-adorned charging plate. You can’t use the teleporter since the charging plate is only partially charged and will drain to zero if the watermelon is removed; however, your combined weight with the melon will fully charge the plate if you stand on it.

Viewfinder: How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle

To solve the riddle, just replicate the watermelon. There’s only one camera, and it’s a stationary one with its viewfinder aimed downhill. The watermelon will roll down the slope and out of the camera’s vision if you try to place it where the camera is looking. The solution is outlined below.

  • Use the still camera to snap a picture of nothing. The purple material that makes up the slope that the camera faces means it will not be visible in the resulting photograph.
  • Use the blank photo on the watermelon to cut off a portion of it.

Viewfinder: How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle

  • Put the watermelon cut side down, on the slope within view of the stationary camera. It won’t be able to roll any further now.

Viewfinder: How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle

  • Slice up a watermelon and snap a few shots. Since the purple parts of the melon are unphotographable, these pictures will solely feature the watermelon.
  • The melons will fall out of the pictures and settle on the teleporter’s charging plate if you place the pictures above the plate.
  • The plate of the teleporter ought to be weighed down sufficiently by this to trigger it.

Viewfinder: How to Solve the Watermelon Puzzle


How many levels are in viewfinder?

In Viewfinder, there are a total of five separate hub levels; a different creative researcher designed each of these hub levels, so each one features a unique set of gameplay mechanics and a visually distinct aesthetic.

What filter do you get for completing Chapter 4 Level 9.1?

Viewfinder awards you with a filter at the end of each optional challenge level you complete. The Watermelon Filter is a reward for completing this stage. It’s required for the Hashtag All Filters achievement, however it adds a lot of watermelons on every picture, making them a little hard to look at. Because of this, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it frequently or at all.

What is the story of viewfinder?

By exploring a simulation that was designed to test out new technologies that might help restore the ecosystem’s equilibrium, your goal in Viewfinder is to learn the reasons why such efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

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