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Armored Core 6 – How to Beat the First Boss


Because it tricks you into playing a certain way—the wrong way—the first boss in Armored Core 6 is one of the most difficult first bosses in any FromSoftware game. Towards the end of the first mission in Armored Core 6, players will have to contend with AH12: HC Helicopter, a formidable assault helicopter that can be very challenging to control. How to defeat the game’s first boss, “Armored Core 6”:

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Strategies to Beat the First Boss

Players should use the assault boost to rush the incoming aircraft and conduct a laser blade combination as it lands. This will put an enormous load on the ACS, which will assist to slow it down. To counter its renewed laser blade, players should retreat after landing the combo and rain down missiles and gunfire on it while dodging its assaults. In order to effectively assault boost and blade combo the helicopter from below, players should stay as close to it as possible.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat the First Boss

The helicopter cannot use most of its weaponry in this position. If the Helicopter takes enough ACS damage, it will be temporarily incapacitated, giving the players a window of opportunity to deliver massive amounts of additional damage. Players can easily defeat AH12: HC Helicopter if they follow this method and play aggressively.

How to Beat the First Boss

To defeat the first boss in Armored Core 6, you must:

  • Melee at the start of the fight – As soon as the mech reaches the arena, it will receive an assault boost.
  • Don’t fight from afar – Your blade will do more damage to the helicopter than any rockets or machine gun pellets ever could.
  • Stay as close to the mech as possible – When you need to recharge your batteries, it’s best to do it in close proximity to the boss.
  • Avoid rockets with several dodges or ascending – Dodging the rockets is crucial because they deliver the majority of the damage.

The important thing you do not want to do in this combat is try to kill the AH12 HC Helicopter with your machine guns and missiles just. You just won’t have the damage and ranged fire delivers very little damage to the boss. Instead, you should Assault Boost up to the boss at the start of the fight and slice him twice. If the boss is moving too quickly, landing one of them with each boost can be difficult, but you should still try.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat the First Boss

After successfully executing an assault, you should rest on the ground to regain strength. Maintain a low profile and work to stay near or under the boss. This may not always be the easiest option, but it will keep you safe from incoming rocket fire. Keep up the boss’ stagger meter (the yellow bar) while on the ground using rocket and machine gun fire in addition to your melee strikes; our ultimate goal is to stagger the boss and disable one of its weapons.

If you want to keep it up, it’s important to maintain landing hits on it consistently because it declines really quickly if you don’t. If you have recovered enough to do so, return to close range to the boss, Assault Boost twice, deal two melees, and then retreat to the ground. Just keep doing it till the battle is over.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat the First Boss

When the boss is knocked unconscious, it can no longer use one of its weapon systems. This is a big help in the battle. However, you should still be actively avoiding missiles throughout the entirety of this battle. All of them! Rapidly launching missiles home in on you and begin their approach? It only takes three or four quick evasions in the same direction to escape major injury. Do be careful with walls though.

You can do this with the slower-firing rockets as well, though it’s not as effective as jumping off the arena’s edge and landing safely on the floor below. This strategy is especially useful for evading the machine gun fire that, if you’re not careful, can leave you stagged.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat the First Boss

This is just one of many confrontations in Armored Core 6, but it represents a significant increase in challenge from the game’s beginning. If you can get beyond the game’s initial boss, Armored Core 6, you’ll be ready for the game’s later, more difficult trials.


Is the first boss hard in Armored Core 6?

The AH12-HC is astonishingly difficult for a first boss, but melee weapons are the trick to overcoming it. Even after defeating the game’s first boss, you shouldn’t assume anything would be simple.

Why is Armored Core 6 first boss so hard?

The initial boss encounter with the helicopter serves as a filter or skill check, requiring players to demonstrate an understanding of the mechanics inherent to their Core in order to progress. The only way to progress is to become a better mech operator, as there is no option to alter the challenge.

How do you beat Sulla Armored Core 6?

The boss may be consistently damaged with a setup that includes targeting rockets on one shoulder. The Pulse Gun on Sulla shoots a salvo of bubble-like missiles that are tough to evade in the air, so manage your Energy meter in Armored Core 6 to avoid these unpredictable projectiles.

What is the best starting weapon in Armored Core 6?

The Ultimate Level 6 Starter Set. The Zimmerman Shotgun and Songbirds Grenade Launcher are two of the most potent weapons in the game at the beginning of the campaign. Players can use two of each of these weapons at once and completely breeze through the vast majority of the game’s missions.

How many missions are in Armored Core 6?

There are a total of 59 missions split across five chapters in Armored Core 6, with three possible endings available depending on the decisions you make along the way. Even on the initial playthrough, you won’t have access to all of the tasks; in fact, you’ll be locked out of 42 of them.