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Dave The Diver: Sea Grapes Guide


You’ll need to track down specific fish and other ingredients to complete missions and fulfill orders at Dave the Diver’s sushi restaurant. It’s not always simple to track down what you’re looking for; certain things are simply not widely distributed. The ‘Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge’ VIP objective requires you to find White Spotted Jellyfish, Sea Grapes, and Salt, all of which can be found early in the game. Learn all about Dave the Diver’s Sea Grapes Guide in this post!

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Sea Grapes Location in Dave the Diver

To shock Vincent, the second critic on your list, you’ll need some White Salt, some Sea Grapes, and some White-Spotted Jellyfish. You have only two days to track down all the necessary components, so you’d better get on the hunt right away.

Dave The Diver: Sea Grapes Guide

Limestone Cave is the only site to look for sea grapes because that’s where they grow. Located at a depth of 50 meters, it can be identified by its significantly darker color. Since they are ever-evolving, the cave will always appear slightly different. It’s possible that you won’t even find the cave if you go there and hope to find it. You’ll have to wait till the next day because they only make an appearance in the morning.

You won’t miss the alert that will pop up when you reach Limestone Cave. When you come across some Sea Grapes, which resemble brilliant green algae, simply chop them with a knife and then pick them up by hitting the space bar.

How to Defeat Vincent

The next critic the players will face is Vincent, after fulfilling the assignment for Yoshie and making her fall in love with Bancho’s cooking. His time constraints make him considerably more difficult to satisfy than Yoshie. After his arrival, players will have two game days to gather their supplies and return to Bancho’s Sushi for the final fight. A wonderful piece of advice for those playing Dave the Diver is to pick up these items as soon as possible.

Dave The Diver: Sea Grapes Guide

While Sea Grapes and White-Spotted Jellyfish are unique to the Limestone Cave, Salt may be found in any underwater environment. The Underwater Sea People’s Mural Chamber is also located in the cave where Dave will find it. Players who have discovered all of these items should use extreme caution before selling or serving them as food in Dave the Diver.

Dave The Diver: Sea Grapes Guide

Finding Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver

The Sea Grape is a wriggly, seaweed-like plant that is a very vivid green, and the game will alert the player as soon as they come into touch with it. Hit it once with the melee attack and then pick it up with the space bar. Players of this indie game only need one for the food fight, but they may want to pick up a few more in case they want to make this trendy dish again.

Dave The Diver: Sea Grapes Guide


Where are the white spotted jellyfish in Dave the Diver?

Midway down the Blue Hole map, at a depth of roughly 70 meters, is where you’ll find the Limestone Cave. Once you enter the cave, an overlay will appear, making it easy to identify White Spotted Jellyfish. Find it by keeping an eye out for currents between 50 and 70 meters.

How do you get jellyfish in Dave the Diver?

Find your jellies and get ready to capture them once you have the proper weapon. You can shoot the jellyfish the same way you would shoot anything else. With the Net Gun, you can catch your target in a net and then swim over to it to retrieve it.

Where can I find salt Dave the Diver?

Salt, like many other ingredients, can be retrieved from the various red cooking pots strewn about the Blue Hole. The contents of these crockpots may not seem useful at first, but as you progress through Bancho Sushi’s research recipes, you’ll come to realize their true value.

What are the jellyfish tentacles in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver’s Barrel Jellyfish Tentacle is a consumable upgrade. Shock Triple Axel I and Shock Rifle I require this rare item, which may be obtained by harvesting Barrel Jellyfish. Every type of weapon requires a total of six tentacles.