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Mortal Kombat 1: How to Solve “Flipping Out” Klue


In Mortal Kombat 1, the Invasion mode is where the real action and prizes are hidden. While exploring the Mesas, however, you may encounter some nodes with a Klue icon next to their name. This Klue has a clue called “Flipping Out,” which could be misunderstood by some players. You’ll need to employ a unique Fatality or item during a battle, just like you would for any other Invasion Klue. If you’re having trouble with Klue flipping out in Mortal Kombat 1, this article will show you how to fix it.

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Where can you Find the “Flipping Out” Klue?

You’ll find an encounter named Screech against Vixen (the character Sindel) at the Tarkatan Colony Mesa right after you make the lengthy jog down into the lower valley. This fight will take place in the Tarkatan Colony Mesa. In addition, you will receive a Kombat Klue for this place that reads “FLIPPING OUT.”

Mortal Kombat 1: How to Solve "Flipping Out" Klue

This is an extremely uncommon four-way stop in the Invasion game, and there are really two chests here: the one you earn for completing “Flipping Out,” and another locked chest that can be unlocked (for which you will need a key from the Invasion shop) if you push your character toward the camera.

How to Solve “Flipping Out” Klue

The fight against the Flipping Out Klue may be located on the Tarkatan Colony Mesa map. It’s in the valley area of the map, so you’ll have to fight your way through several nodes to get there. Node titles like “Screech and Vixen” will appear above the Klue.

Similar to previous Klues you’ll find in Invasion mode, this one requires a certain action on your part to decipher. This involves entering the fray and performing an action that will satisfy unique requirements. When you do this, a new section of the map will become available, and it will usually lead to a treasure chest.

Mortal Kombat 1: How to Solve "Flipping Out" Klue

Changing your character’s position swiftly at least 20 times during the battle will solve the Klue. That’s all there is to it. You can perform this whenever you like during the battle, but only if you end up victorious for it to count toward solving the Klue. In-game, you can switch your stance by pressing the L2/LT/ZL buttons. When you have a moment, instead of using it for other assaults, try fast hitting the button.

How to Complete Flipping Out Easily

The Klue requires you to swap postures, which may be trickier than you think. In “Screech and Vixen,” Sindel will assault you viciously during the fight. Because of this, switching postures for the Klue will be more challenging. Using blows that knock Sindel back is the most effective approach to defend against her and swap stances frequently enough. Before she can close in on you, you’ll have time to push the button to switch your posture quickly.

To complete the necessary number of stance changes, you will need to perform this procedure multiple times. The same strategy may be used for attacks that knock Sindel down, giving you time to switch stances several times before she recovers. Once you’ve pushed her back, you have enough time to switch stances three or four times before you’ll need to defend yourself again.

Mortal Kombat 1: How to Solve "Flipping Out" Klue

Fortunately, after you win a round and the game asks you to complete her, the amount of switches you input increases. You don’t need to score a finishing blow or perform a Fatality to get more inputs into the Klue; just rapidly tap the stance swap button. You should have solved the Klue and unlocked the way to a chest by the time you return to the map. Everyone’s experience points and awards will be unique.

You can always fight again if you don’t succeed at hitting the required number of switches. To make any progress on deciphering the Klue, you must first defeat Sindel in a match. The good news is that you can fight the war again and again until you win.


What do the Klues mean in mk1?

In Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions mode, certain areas have “Klues,” which are hidden puzzles that must be solved to progress. You’ll need to figure out the secret behind each Klue and then carry them out throughout the match for a chance to win.

What is invasion mode in mk1?

Invasion Mode is structured like a tabletop RTS. As you make your way around the board, you’ll encounter unique enemies and minigames at various locations. It’s a complicated, lengthy mode that won’t be finished for a while.

Who is the locked character in Mk1?

After completing the main story of Mortal Kombat 1, you unlock Havik as a playable character. However, this is a character we were already aware about. To play as the Chaosrealm creep, you must first complete the game. It is unclear why he prioritizes the campaign over the other combatants.

Who is the weakest character in Mortal Kombat 1?

Players of the original Mortal Kombat all agree: Sub-Zero is the game’s weakest character. Fans’ reactions to Bi-Han have been cold. Players of Mortal Kombat 1 seem to be in complete agreement that Sub-Zero is the game’s weakest fighter due to his ridiculously low damage output.