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Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Slab Location


The diving and restaurant simulation hybrid game Dave the Diver features distinctive pixel graphics. The only way for players to complete all of the story tasks is to establish communication with the Sea People. At the outset of Chapter 2, Dave is tasked with locating a Microphone and the Stone Slab of the Sea People. Dave will learn about the Sea People in the course of his diving journey and restaurant simulation. The location of the sea people’s stone slab from Dave the Diver is discussed in this article.

The Sea People’s Stone Tablet

Players will encounter a man Sea Person and a female Sea Person who has been injured after beating the big squid in this restaurant simulation game. The man tries to speak to Dave, but he doesn’t get what he’s saying. He must go back to the ship and consult with Dr. Bacon. Once Dave has found the three items he’s looking for, he’ll construct him a translator.

Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Slab Location

He will ask for several things, including a stone tablet. This tablet will include the Sea People’s language, simplifying the process of creating the translator. Dr. Bacon will provide a major clue as to where to find the Tablet if you ask for it.

Sea People’s Stone Slab Location

Dr. Bacon wants to construct a translator for Dave after he and his team defeat the Giant Squid at the end of Chapter 1. The only method to accomplish this, however, requires the use of both a microphone and a stone tablet. In Dave the Diver, the Stone Slab of the Sea People may be found in the Sea People Record Chamber.

Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Slab Location

Swim to the Blue Hole’s easternmost side and descend to a depth of about 90 meters. The door to the Sea People Record Chamber is along the eastern wall. This room was discovered in the first chapter, but you’ll need to come back to it now.

The ‘Esc’ menu may provide insights about the location of some upcoming quest items. Notice your missions under ‘In Progress’? Examining the quest’s finer points will remind you that Dr. Bacon was aware of where the Microphone and Stone Slab could be found.

Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Slab Location

In any case, you should no longer be confused as to the location of this room. Just head inside the cave, and you’ll find the Sea People’s Stone Slab laying on the ground. The Microphone is the sole remaining item, and we’ve already looked everywhere for it. Give them to Dr. Bacon when you resurface with them, and your translator will be finished the following day!

What to Do Next in Dave the Diver

Players must ascend to the surface and confer with Dr. Bacon. The following day, he will present Dave the translation device he created. The best way to pass the time while waiting for the next part of Dave the Diver is to make some money at the restaurant, since the player will require a completely upgraded diving outfit to get to the depths.

Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Slab Location


Where is Dave the Diver record room?

This may be found on the right side of the screen at the Sea People Record Chamber, which is located around 91 meters below ground. Location near the Giant Blue Hole is often to the right. To enter, one must first find it at the correct depth.

Where is limestone cave Dave the Diver?

At a depth of about 100 meters, which is roughly in the middle of the Giant Blue Hole, currents typically begin to form in the Limestone Cave.

Where is the Amethyst Dave the Diver?

One of the three resources you need to gather for this quest is amethyst, and the Blue Hole Depths are the only place to look for it. When you descend down the pit, you’ll find a way down the middle and off to the right. When you’re at a depth of 130 meters or less, you’ve entered The Depths.

What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

Its range makes it effective in any part of The Blue Hole, and its damage output is the highest of any weapon in the game, even more than that of the Grenade Launcher. Not to mention its even more powerful Tier 3 upgrade, the Death Sniper Rifle.

How do you get Ruby Seahorse Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, the Ruby Seadragon is a seadragon that lives near hydrothermal vents. This seadragon can sometimes be spotted after harvesting ruby deposits in the Hydrothermal Vents. The Seahorse Racecourse can be played in Yami’s Game Parlor, or it can be transported up to the restaurant to be used as an ingredient.