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Starfield: How to Get Titanium


In Starfield, titanium is one of the rarest metals. That doesn’t always imply it’s difficult to find, but it will definitely require some work to acquire. If you want to upgrade your gear and construct outposts in Starfield, you must start collecting titanium as soon as possible. Titanium isn’t always easy to get by, especially on worlds that aren’t either raging infernoes or icy popsicles. Find out in this post where and how to mine for titanium in Starfield.

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Where to Find Titanium in Starfield

Investing in the Science tree’s Scanning and Planetary Habitation skills can greatly improve your chances of discovering titanium, a “rare” mineral in Starfield. Titanium deposits on planets can only be seen by those with the Scanning talent at the second level or higher. You can land on the planet and use your hand scanner to locate the deposits, but doing so without a precise landing location will take much longer.

However, the main challenge with titanium is in extremely hostile conditions, which is why you’ll require Planetary Habitation to build a Titanium Empire. Starting with intense heat and cold, you’ll be able to handle increasingly hostile environments as you level up this skill. Scanning is only at the Advanced level, while Planetary Habitation is a Mastery-level Science skill. You’ll need to put a lot of points into Science if you want to become a titanium master.

Starfield: How to Get Titanium

Titanium is a popular topic of discussion these days, but there is a huge “but”: the Vega system’s moon Vega II-B. This is the only planet in our investigation that has titanium and a mild climate. That means you can set up shop in a titanium mine on Vega II-B just a few hours into the game. Vega II-B is not only attractive because of its temperate climate, but also because of the abundance of titanium on its surface.

You can land in a seemingly vacant area, activate your outpost beacon, and wait for your Scanning talent to level up. You could potentially be within striking distance of some titanium. Now, happily, you won’t stay low-level forever, and you’ll soon achieve those Science talents and be able to establish an outpost wherever you desire. In addition to these celestial planets, consider constructing on the following harsh environment sites when the time comes.

  • Pluto in the Sol system
  • Titan, a moon of Jupiter in the Sol system
  • Copernicus II in the Copernicus system
  • Guniibuu VI-e, a moon of Guniibuu VI in the Guniibuu system
  • Guniibuu VI-d, a moon of Guniibuu VI in the Guniibuu system
  • Procyon II in the Procyon A system

What is Titanium Used for in Starfield?

Titanium is largely used in Starfield for customizing armor and weapons, as well as in the construction of a few key areas of your home base. Turning your Equinox laser weapon into a fully automatic laser rifle, for example, will run you four titanium. Are you looking into upgrading your base’s turrets? Titanium, times 9.

Starfield: How to Get Titanium

New and improved ammunition and storage for your weapons? A titanium 5. It will cost you three titanium to get your spacesuit outfitted with the Exo Servos mod. Unlike tungsten, iron, and aluminum, titanium isn’t essential to the functioning of your outpost. To get the most out of your apparatus, however, you’ll need quite a lot of it.

Titanium Item ID

Console commands in Starfield (at least on PC) allow you to do things like grant yourself infinite storage or, in this case, grant yourself specific objects. The product ID for titanium is 0000556D, and you can use that to give it to yourself.

In Starfield, the console command can be accessed anytime by pressing the’key. Starfield’s entire console command to instantly add 20 titanium to your inventory is as follows:

  • player.additem 0000556D 20

You can copy/paste the code above directly into your terminal command, sans bullet point. Change the 20 at the end of the above code to 50, 100, or 1,000 to obtain that much titanium with a single command. When you press the key, the item will be added to your stockpile.


Where can I buy titanium and polymer in Starfield?

Titanium can be purchased from a number of stores in Starfield, but if you’re looking for the most convenient location, I’d suggest Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. The resource may be purchased from the seller for 12 Credits each under the Resources submenu of her Buy menu. Just beyond the New Atlantis Spaceport is where you’ll find Jemison Mercantile.

What is the best planet for titanium outpost Starfield?

The prime mining planet Titanium is a moon of the Eridani star system, which may be found in the far left quadrant of the galaxy. Titanium (Ti) and Helium-3 (He3) are present on Eridani VII-c (the moon of Eridani VII).