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How to Find Michael’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2


There are a number of lockboxes in Dead Island 2 that, to be opened and expose some unique, hidden goodies, require players to find concealed keys. The town of Beverly Hills contains a number of lockboxes that players must locate and open. One of the keys to these lockboxes may be found inside Michael Ander’s house, who is an important supporting character in the main storyline of Dead Island 2. However, the key can’t be found anywhere inside Michael’s house; therefore, the players will have to hunt down and dispose of a certain designated zombie to obtain it. To our relief, it’s not quite as difficult as it might first appear. This guide will walk you through locating Michael’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2 so that you can use it. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Michael’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

To retrieve the key to Michael’s safe, you need to search the house next door to Michael’s for a zombie named Michael’s Protege. It is recommended that this be done after successfully protecting Jessie Kwon’s house during the ‘O Michael, Where Art Thou?’ mission to increase the likelihood that this zombie will spawn. If players seek for Michael’s keys later in the game, they will run into several of the screamer zombies from Dead Island 2, which appear in this location. The place gives the impression of being a magnet for zombies.

How to Find Michael's Safe Key in Dead Island 2

The Protege of Michael can appear anywhere outside the house, and when they are defeated, they will leave behind Michael’s safe key. For example, if players go to the garage first, it will likely appear there when they start slaying groups of zombies there later.

How to Find Michael's Safe Key in Dead Island 2

What’s Inside Michael’s Safe?

You will need to return to Michael’s safe to crack it open and obtain a rare melee weapon known as the Defiant Hunting Knife. It’s possible that early on in Dead Island 2, some players will consider it to be one of the game’s strongest melee weapons. Because of its lightning-fast handling, several different sorts of zombies may be dispatched with just a few swipes of the weapon, making it an ideal option for dealing with difficult zombies like crushers.

How to Find Michael's Safe Key in Dead Island 2

In addition, players can dramatically boost the power of the Defiant Hunting Knife by equipping it with a mod such as the Damaging or Mutilator mod. However, if players receive the knife later in the game, it has a higher power to match the level. Because of this, it may be worthwhile for players to unlock the lockbox later on if they are closer to reaching Dead Island 2’s maximum level. You can count on Michael to keep such a powerful weapon hidden away.

How to Find Michael's Safe Key in Dead Island 2


What is the note for Michael in Dead Island 2?

The item known as Note for Michael can be found in Dead Island 2 and is one of the 234 Journals that may be discovered throughout the game. It is a collectable that may be utilized toward the Bookworm achievement, which is one of the ways to get it. It is a message that was left for Michael Anders by the person who cleaned his pool.

Is that Curtis in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 includes Curtis Sinclair as a playable character in the game. The Slayers get their first encounter with him during the side mission The Death of the Party. He is a retired star who still resides in the home he formerly owned in Bel-Air. Curtis was hosting a party at his house at the time of the breakout, but the party was interrupted when zombies broke in and overran the property.

Was Dead Island 2 successful?

After reaching 2 million sales, developers Deep Silver call Dead Island 2 “the biggest launch” they have ever had. It has been reported that more than two million copies of Dead Island 2 have already been sold since the game was released, making it “the biggest launch” in history for the companies who developed the game, Plaion and Deep Silver.

Who is the best starter in Dead Island 2?

For players who are just getting started with Dead Island 2, we suggest beginning with Jacob or Carla. Carla’s ranged focus gives a new, approachable playstyle, while Jacob’s combat skills and resilience make him a reliable pick for learning the game’s principles.

Who is the best slayer in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the most effective Slayer. Not only does she have explosive Innate Skills, but her demeanor is just as volatile. Dani is guaranteed to gain your affections if you enjoy reading about individuals who are clever and, at times, caustic. Simply said, she is a standout among the other playable characters in the game.