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Dead Island 2 – How to Explore the Sets


The environmental storytelling in Dead Island 2 makes HELL-A seem like a real, breathing hellscape reminiscent of Los Angeles. In the main plot mission “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail,” a directive is one of Dead Island 2’s most fun set pieces. The slayer’s task in this mission is to make her way through a Hollywood studio full with zombies and guaranteed havoc. You may learn how to explore the sets in Dead Island 2 by reading this article:

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How to Explore the Sets

Investigating the sets is not as difficult as it might seem. Locating the actual directive should not be too difficult for players who appreciate exploring Dead Island 2’s expansive surroundings. However, if you just want to go to the good part, find this location on the mini-map in Sound Stage 7. Finding the key to open Sound Stage 7 in dressing rooms should not be too difficult.

Dead Island 2 - How to Explore the Sets

Proceed inside on the left, past the little brick wall, from this entryway. Step up where a white sheet covers a wooden box area on the right. At the top, there will be a “Filming in Progress” sign to the left. Please be quiet on the set. The circuit breaker is located directly below this sign. This is not far from the breaker panel. Just go back to where you discovered the circuit breaker. Lower yourself and make a right turn.

Dead Island 2 - How to Explore the Sets

After taking a little detour, turn left to find the breaker panel positioned against the wall. After inserting the circuit breaker, face the three control panels. The slayer can interact with them to demonstrate the repercussions now that the power has been directed against them. As the adversaries charge forward, stay back and hit the Temple Doors FX first.

Dead Island 2 - How to Explore the Sets

This will lead to the mission’s instruction, “Keep Exploring.” To complete the mission, just walk through the FX doorway that has now been opened. Now that the path is clear, bringing the slayer to some Hollywood sets with lavish production values should be easy.

They are, of course, chock full of zombies and interactive environmental traps that the player can take advantage of, much like everything else in Dead Island 2. To proceed to the next mission stage, which is to follow Michael Anders’s paint-splattered footsteps, keep going along the path that leads to the yellow pinpoint.


Who is the best Slayer in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the finest Slayer. Her demeanor is just as combustible as her innate skills. Dani is guaranteed to win your heart if you enjoy clever, occasionally snarky people. She is only one of the game’s greatest characters.

Who is the best starting character in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2’s Ryan is your best overall Slayer choice for solo play, but Jacob and Dani make excellent cooperative starters. Overall, you can’t go wrong with any Slayer, but these three will give you a head start because of their starting numbers and natural Skill Cards.

What is the best innate skill in Dead Island 2?

Feral: This is the finest natural skill in the game because it can stack damage boosts up to five times only by inflicting damage on the enemy. This is a very flexible skill that may be used with almost any skill card.

How many playable characters will be in Dead Island 2?

There are six playable characters in Dead Island 2, referred to as Slayers: three male and three female. As soon as the game begins, you’ll witness every player heading toward an aircraft that they want to utilize to get away from the nightmare that has become Los Angeles as a result of the zombie epidemic.

How many DLCS will Dead Island 2 have?

The two main story expansions for Dead Island 2, Haus and SOLA Festival, feature different gameplay mechanics and idea.