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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Play as Hunk


The Mercenaries mode in the Resident Evil 4 remake features Mr. Death’s reappearance. Similar to other characters in The Mercenaries mode of the Resident Evil 4 remake, HUNK is not too difficult to unlock. One of the most difficult and powerful characters in the game is Hunk, but if you know how to utilize him well, he can be a lot of fun. You can learn how to play as a hunk in the Resident Evil 4 remake by reading this article:

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Who is Hunk?

One of the original Resident Evil 2 characters, Hunk makes a reappearance in the reboot. He is a member of the U.S.S., or Umbrella Security Service, a covert military outfit. His goal is to defend the globe against threats posed by bioterrorism. Hunk possesses an amazing armory that includes explosives and strong weapons.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Play as Hunk

He is a strong opponent since he is also skilled with close-quarters weaponry like machetes and knives. Hunk, who most recently starred in the Resident Evil 4 remake, has had a significant impact on the series. He is a shadowy creature with a frightening aspect due to his bulky armor and gas mask.

How to Play as Hunk

After you play Krauser to reach rank status or higher and unlock Mercenaries Mode in the game, you can take on the role of Hunk in Resident Evil 4. April 7, 2023 saw the debut of the Mercenaries Mode, which lets you play as Hunk in four distinct stages as well as Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, and Albert Wesker.

To unlock Hunk, you must get a rank when playing Krauser on any stage. Hunk must be unlocked via the Mercenaries Mode because he cannot be played in the main game. Hunk stands out from the other characters in Resident Evil 4 because to his distinct play style and set of powers once you’ve unlocked him.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Play as Hunk

He uses machetes and knives to quickly dispatch opponents, making him an extremely proficient close-quarters fighter. Furthermore, he can withstand most strikes and absorb more damage because to his thick armor. Hunk is also a formidable long-range combatant, employing various weapons and explosives to dispatch adversaries in the distance swiftly.

The EE.M.P.blast, his special ability, temporarily stuns foes inside its radius. Because of this, he can provide you with the advantage you need to survive during fierce firefights and is a vital asset. Hunk is an all-around strong and adaptable character who has a lot of applications in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. He is a powerful weapon with a great arsenal and formidable close-quarters fighting abilities.


Who can you play as in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The player assumes control of US agent Leon S. Kennedy, tasked with rescuing US president’s daughter Ashley Graham from the shadowy Los Illuminados cult. The revamped storyline, fresh cast, characters, and gameplay have all been incorporated into the remake.

Who is the bad guy in Resident Evil 4 remake?

Upon arriving at the castle, players meet Ramon Salazar, a 20-year-old guy with an 80-year-old face and an 8-year-old body. He may be the most recognizable antagonist in the game and is seen torturing Leon with quips and traps on multiple occasions.

Who is the strongest character in Resident Evil 4?

Mendez (The Evil Within 4). He has an almost unbreakable physique in addition to superhuman strength comparable to that of a tyrant, which allows him to lift up and strangle a grown man in a single blow. Throughout the game, Leon deals Mendez a ton of damage, but he never gives up until the very end.

What is the hardest boss in Resident Evil 4?

Jack Krauser in his altered form. The hardest opponent in the Resident Evil 4 remake, the mutated Krauser, will take multiple tries to beat; one must be extremely patient, disciplined when using triggers, and consistently dodge.

What is the most expensive item in RE4 Remake?

With a base value of 19,000 Pesetas, the Elegant Crown is the most sought-after treasure in RE4 Remake. With its five Gem slots, this item can double the selling price of the Crown by obtaining the best 2.0x multiplier available in the game.