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Dead Island 2 – How to Solve the Path of the Unworthy


In Dead Island 2 Haus, a new weapon called the Dead Islands is available. You must have finished The Search for Truth main quest in order to begin the Lost & Found quest for the Dead Islands. After completing that, return to the Serling Hotel to collect the first clue, which is located close to your spawn point in the area atop a large marble desk. You can learn how to solve Dead Island 2’s Path of the Unworthy by reading this article:

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Clue #1:

You must go to the area indicated by the first clue, which will show you a picture of a circle of flowers. It is located in the suburban neighborhood recreation. Once you’re in this neighborhood, turn right to avoid the first house on the left. There should be flowers there, and as you get closer, Taliah the Unworthy, a zombie, will show up. You’ll find the next clue if you kill the zombie.

Dead Island 2 - How to Solve the Path of the Unworthy

Clue #2:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a picture with this clue, but it is still rather simple. The red-highlighted portion of the clue is crucial. The answer is as simple as going to the second house on the right side of the property. The next clue and a corpse can be found upstairs in the attic. This is where Dead Island 2’s search for the Dead Islands becomes a little more difficult.

Dead Island 2 - How to Solve the Path of the Unworthy

Clue #3:

In comparison to the other two, this clue is much more mysterious. However, the words “Follow, Puke, Flush” and the club music sample are the most important ones to be aware of. This is a warning to descend into the strange club area beneath the suburban recreation area.

Dead Island 2 - How to Solve the Path of the Unworthy

Specifically, we must use the restrooms located there. You are searching for the restrooms that split off into two smaller spaces. One features a cubicle with a wall opening that allows you to reach the other side. And there will be a Slobber waiting for the other. To locate the next clue, you should kill the slobber first and look about the stalls.

Clue #4:

The following hint points you in the direction of the woodland at the other end of the property. Other than the title alluding to one of the two pyres, there isn’t any exact place that can be inferred from the clue. The last clue is close to a body near the one on the south end of the map, therefore that’s where you should go.

Clue #5:

You don’t have to travel anywhere to find this last hint. After reading it, a rival named Marco When the Final Test appears, you’ll have to beat him. Ezra The Last Failure, another adversary, will thereafter emerge when Marco has been defeated. We’ll find our gift in a chest that Ezra will open with a key.

Return to the house you were directed to find the second clue, and use the key on the locked chest that is located next to the corpse to the right. You’ll discover the Dead Islands, a brand-new, distinctive area, inside. Haus with a nice globe of the planet in Dead Island 2.


What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

The majority of players believe that the fastest-firing Legendary Rifle in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount, is the greatest weapon. In addition to its amazing strength, it is useful for eliminating zombies one at a time or one at a time.

Will there be human enemies in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 made the crucial decision to forgo human adversaries in its plot, leaving the player to battle a variety of deadly infected opponents only in the base game.

Are there any returning characters in Dead Island 2?

Yes, Dead Island 2 features just one character from the previous games. You’ll run into Sam B, a former rapper.

What is the max level in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, the highest level a player may attain is thirty. Players level up when their character gains experience points, or XP, in most role-playing games. They will end the game at that level and will not be able to collect more experience points beyond level 30.

Is Xian alive in Dead Island 2?

Although it isn’t stated clearly, Sam seems to imply that Xian Mei and John are still alive based on his informal remarks about them. He also seems to reaffirm that Purna and Logan are doing well.