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Dead Space: All Marker Fragments Location


In the Dead Space remake, a new variety of collectibles called Marker Fragments can be found. The PS3 version lacked this feature. The Marker Pieces may only be obtained through New Game Plus. On the initial run, you won’t encounter any of them. You can see the other ending of Dead Space by playing through the tale again, but you’ll need to gather some items first. All the locations of the marker fragments from the Dead Space remake are detailed here.

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All Marker Fragments Location

On the USG Ishimura, you may find a total of 12 Marker Pieces. Kinesis or another superhuman strength may be needed to reach some of these hidden items.

These are all the known fragments of the Dead Space Mark:

Market Fragment 1:  On a shelf in the office of the maintenance bay is the Hanger-Cargo-Train Control.

Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 2: The office of Dr. T. Kyne is located on the first floor of the medical building, behind a bookcase.

Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 3: It’s the gloomy area of the Engine Room on the third floor of Engineering.

Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 4: On the floor of the Break Room on the Bridge’s First Floor.

Marker Fragment 5: Kinesis is used to remove the piece of debris from atop the cryo chamber on the fourth floor of the medical building.

Marker Fragment 6: Inside Dr. C. Mercer’s office on Medical’s 4th floor.Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 7: Using kinesis, extract the fragment from the corruption in the East Grow Chamber on the fourth floor of Hydroponics.

Marker Fragment 8: Mineral samples can be found on shelf 5 of the Mining building.

Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 9: Floor 2 of the Communications Core, high above a chasm of depravity.

Dead Space Remake: All Marker Fragments Location

Marker Fragment 10: In the deluxe quarters of the crew quarters, on the third floor, at a desk

Marker Fragment 11: Crew Quarters, Third Floor, Inquiry Desks, concealed beneath a pile of papers.

Marker Fragment 12: It’s stashed away in the SE corner of the Cargo Bay on the first floor of the Hangar on a tool shelf.

Knowing where each fragment of the Dead Space Marker may be found, you can finally finish the game with a surprise ending instead of the standard one.


What do marker fragments do in Dead Space Remake?

You can only access the hidden ending by finding all twelve items, and the Dead Space Marker Fragments are the key.

Do marker fragments carry over in Dead Space Remake?

To retrieve the missing pieces, you will need to restart NG+ on your current save. You can rest assured that all the fragments you’ve collected up to this point won’t have to be collected again, since they will be carried over from your previous save to the new NG+.

Is the marker good or bad in Dead Space?

The initial game had the red marking have both good and bad effects. On the one hand, it caused widespread insanity and numerous deaths. However, it misled humans into bringing it back to Earth to thwart the Hivemind/necromorphs.

Does Dead Space remake have a secret ending?

To unlock the secret ending in Dead Space Remake, the player must beat the game twice. No preconceived notions of difficulty are needed.