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Final Fantasy XVI: Sekhret Location


While the Sekhret Notorious Mark Hunt site is proving to be one of the more challenging ones for players, the benefits are more than worth the trouble. Clive’s best bet for success in The Sekhret Hunt is to go as close to level 31 as possible, where the formidable enemy is placed. With this Notorious Mark, you must face up against a Minotaur, a massive beast whose slow strikes pack a powerful punch. Finding the sekhret hunt site in Final Fantasy XVI is covered in this article.

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Where to Find Sekhret in Final Fantasy XVI

Once players have progressed far enough in the main quest, After the Storm, they will be able to make the Minotaur known as Sekhret their goal. After you have collected the mark, you should proceed to Martha’s Rest. From there, head north to the northwestern area of Greensheaves, and prepare for combat once you’ve arrived there.

Final Fantasy XVI: Sekhret Location

How to Beat Sekhret in Final Fantasy XVI

The fight against Sekhret will be similar to earlier fights in Final Fantasy 16, although it will be more challenging. This foe employs much of the same strategies as a regular Minotaur but deals far more damage. Think twice before charging this opponent:

  • Given its lack of elemental or distant attacks, Sekhret is naturally more dangerous up close. Be wary of its swinging combos, and save your attacks until the end.
  • When the foe begins to flee, it is time to avoid or avoid this damaging attack. Don’t get caught off guard by Sekhret’s second effort to knock Clive to the ground; it will dash twice.

Final Fantasy XVI: Sekhret Location

  • Aside from regular attacks, the bad guys will also resort to Big Swing and Raging Bull. Sekhret takes a lengthy swing in the former, so you must keep dodging backward to avoid getting hit. If you do the latter, be prepared for the beast to slam into your intended location.

Using Sekhret’s aggression against it is the quickest approach to eliminate it. After it completes an attack, it is vulnerable to further attacks for a considerable time. If you use all of the strongest Eikonic Abilities you can muster, this foe should fall quickly.

Gain 800 Experience Points, 60 Ability Points, 8200 Gold Pieces, and 20 Renown for eliminating Sekhret. The Minotaur Mane snared throughout the battle can be sold to the Blacksmith for additional benefit.

Rewards for Beating Sekhret

In Final Fantasy 16, the Sekhret Hunt is an optional side quest that can be completed for the following rewards:

Final Fantasy XVI: Sekhret Location

  • 8,200 Gil
  • 20 Renown
  • 60 Ability Points
  • 800 XP
  • 1x Minotaur Mane

Once Clive locates the B-Rank Hunt against Sekhret, he can employ this bounty as a powerful weapon against the game’s later, more challenging bosses.


Where can I find Grimalkin in FF16?

The Grimalkin is located to the east of The Jaw; to reach it, travel to the area known as The Sickle and then continue traveling south until you reach its destination.

Where to find Severian FF16?

The Severian Notorious Mark will appear on the Hunt Board once the major plot mission, After the Storm, has been completed. Grab it and head to Rosaria. To find Severian engaged in combat, travel west of Martha’s Rest and north of Sorrowise.

Where is the Minotaur hunt in FF16?

After beginning the main mission, “After The Storm,” players will be able to target the Minotaur, Sekhret. Get the mark, then visit Martha’s Rest. Then, prepare for war by heading north to the northwest corner of Greensheaves.

What is the name of the world in FF16?

Valisthea is a made-up world where Final Fantasy XVI takes place. Massive magical crystals, called Mothercrystals, are dispersed across Ash and Storm, supplying aether energy to the diverse civilizations and driving civilization with shards harvested for commercial purpose.

Who is the main character in FF16?

The story centers on Clive Rosfield, the son of the Duke of Rosaria, who becomes host to the enigmatic Eikon Ifrit and embarks on a mission for revenge after his life is devastated by a betrayal.