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Dead Space Remake – Centrifuge Puzzle Solution


It is clear from the beginning of the story that the Dead Space Remake is a lengthy and terrifying journey. Your mission in Dead Space Chapter 3 ‘Course Correction’ is to stabilize the centrifuge, fuel lines, and engine. Without any instructions, this Dead Space puzzle can be challenging at first. But, if you stick with it, this post will walk you through the Centrifuge Puzzle solution in Dead Space Remake:

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Where Is The Centrifuge?

The locator, a momentary light line that points you in the right direction, can be used to find the room. Proceed to your left to find the freight elevator after navigating past the control room. Proceed to the spacious Contamination Chamber after lowering the lift.

Dead Space Remake - Centrifuge Puzzle Solution

When you arrive, a console will be in the center. Play about with the console to start the decontamination process. This will call forth a group of adversaries that you have to defeat in order to leave the room. When you exit the chamber after eliminating every enemy, a notice directing you to the Centrifuge Chamber will be seen. To get to the Centrifuge Chamber, take the southern route and proceed along the corridor.

Centrifuge Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

Currently offline, the centrifuge is located in the center of this spacious central room. To the extreme right, there’s also a balcony with a console on it. You must set your suit to zero-gravity mode in order to solve this challenge. (If on PS5), R1 plus L1. Before starting the puzzle, you might want to deal with the present swarm of Necromorphs.

The two clutch generator modules need to be attached in order to turn on the centrifuge. These are large equipment modules that have revolving tips. Additionally, they have stickers with blue magnets on them, indicating that a Kinesis module can be used to move them. However, you will need to use Kinesis to freeze them in order for them to fit into the center module. Once they are immobilized, you can then drag them into the center.

Dead Space Remake - Centrifuge Puzzle Solution

Until both modules are connected to the center, you have to repeat the procedure on the second module. (For the PS5, use L2 + triangle to lock the module’s end and L2 + circle to move the entire module to the center of the track.) Reconnect both components, then go back to the main console to turn the centrifuge back on. The modules will start to revolve around the space as a result. Avoid the rotating sections and navigate the room to the exit in order to leave the region.

How to Activate The Centrifuge

You must fasten both Clutch Generator Modules to the big apparatus in the middle of the space in order to turn on the centrifuge. To accomplish this, manually save your game first, and refuel your stasis if necessary. Once finished, use Stasis to slow it down as you gently glide down to the revolving generators.

Dead Space Remake - Centrifuge Puzzle Solution

Slide it inside the centrifuge with Kinesis while it’s slowing down. For the other generator, follow these instructions again. Restart the centrifuge by floating back up to the main console after both components are linked. You should have no trouble getting the Centrifuge back online if you follow these easy procedures.


How do you slow down Centrifuge Dead Space?

Approach one of the generating modules and use your stasis at the tip to slow the spinning in order to remedy this issue. After that, lock the module in place by dragging it into the centrifuge with your kinesthetic.

How do you attach a clutch generator module in Dead Space?

In Dead Space Remake, you must use your other Kinesis power to slow down the arm before using Kinesis to maneuver it into the Centrifuge in order to halt the Clutch Generator Modules from rotating and activate the centrifuge. Unless your Kinesis ran out before you could plant it, it should stay in place now.

How many chapters are in Dead Space?

The trophy/achievements in your game indicate that the game progresses through 12 chapters, each with four varying levels of difficulty. It should be noted that you are unable to alter the “round 2” (or New Game Plus) difficulty level after you begin a game on a specific level.

What is the highest level suit in Dead Space remake?

Only after winning the game and launching a New Game Plus save file can one locate the last upgrade, the Level 6 suit. Dead Space players will be able to buy this upgrade when they get to the Store at the end of the first chapter. Although the Level 6 suit is more expensive at 99,000 Credits, it reduces damage by 30%.

What is the best armor in Dead Space remake?

The toughest armor in the remake is the Level 6 suit, which gives Isaac an incredible 30% armor stat—a 10% boost over the Level 5 suit worn by the previous advanced engineer. It is designed in the same manner as the EDF warriors you may recognize from Chapter 9’s mission onboard the Valor.