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Payday 3 – How to Take Hostages


In Payday 3, players can use hostages to change bad circumstances into good ones. Players can yell at hostages, bind them up, and do other actions, just like in the previous franchise installment. In the game Payday 3, which revolves around robbing banks and carrying out big heists for a sizable payment, players can use hostages as shields or exchange them for other benefits. You may learn how to take Hostages in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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How to Take Hostages

In Payday 3, players can kidnap hostages by doing the following easy steps:

  • Select a captive and force them to descend to the earth.
  • To get hostages to drop to the ground, players can also aim a gun at them and shout at them.
  • As soon as the captive has curled up, approach them.
  • The player can either tie the hostage’s hands or order them to stand up to be used as a human shield.

Players can either exchange a hostage to stall an approaching attack or use them as a human shield once they’ve been tied up. The player will gain anything from the trade after exchanging a hostage or two with the authorities.

Payday 3 - How to Take Hostages

It is important to remember that trading hostages will eventually cause an impending attack to be delayed. It will not be possible for players to exchange their remaining hostages for more time. The cops are another enemy that players need to be cautious of because they will shoot at any time.

What Are Hostages Used For?

To prevent them from escaping and informing the authorities, you must take hostages. There is more to it now, but this was how it operated in Payday 2. Human shields can be fashioned from hostages. Just tie them up (or frighten them) and press the F on a PC or the X/square button on a console.

Payday 3 - How to Take Hostages

Because they want to keep the hostages alive, security and police are less inclined to shoot at you. On higher-tier attacks, though, they’ll attack anything that comes their way without hesitation. With the authorities, you can also exchange hostages. Tie them up, then press the X/square button on the console (or F on the PC) to accomplish this.

This can gain you resources like ammo and med packs and grant you additional time before an attack. Alternatively, you might use the manager as a human shield and compel them to unlock doors. Because offices need bio scanners, you can only access them if the manager is still alive.

Payday 3 - How to Take Hostages

You can turn off alarms and lockdowns in this way. Throw the manager at the bioscanner to get access to these chambers, and they will engage with it. To remove the hostages from view, you can also make them follow you.

What happens if the Player Kills a Hostage?

The player will have to deal with the following consequences if they kill a hostage:

Payday 3 - How to Take Hostages

  • The player will forfeit $29,300 for each hostage they kill.
  • During a heist, shooting or murdering a captive will notify the outside security staff. The clock will ultimately run out if you try to prolong an attack, leading to a gunfight.

Should You Trade Your Hostages in Payday 3?

Keeping a large number of hostages on easier settings can help stall an attack and keep your entire team from losing too rapidly. Unfortunately, in their quest to stop the Payday gang, the cops don’t mind taking a few casualties on harder settings, such as Overkill. They’ll let loose.

Trade hostages if that’s what you can afford to do. For the minimal cost of one civilian, you get a few seconds of breathing room, which is definitely worth it. Before the cops storm the bank, you can buy a bit more time, get some supplies like ammunition and medical packs, or use the manager to unlock a locked door.


Can you take guards hostage in Payday 3?

It is legal to kidnap any civilian, but not law enforcement or security personnel. You can force them to the ground by pointing a gun at them and shouting at them.

Can you take off your mask in Payday 3?

It is important to note that unless the player restarts the heist, they are unable to take off their mask once they have put it on.

What is the best weapon for stealth in Payday 3?

The following is the greatest Payday 3 stealth build: Car-4 with Silencer Barrel Extension is the main weapon. Signature 40 with Silencer Barrel Extension is the secondary weapon. Useful: Armor Bag

Why am I getting matchmaking error on Payday 3?

Make a game update. Sometimes an outdated version of Payday 3 can be the reason why your instance isn’t loading correctly. Though most sites are fantastic about upgrading your games automatically, this could be the reason if you are experiencing problems while your friends are not. Restart the computer, Wi-Fi, and game.

How do you know what switch to flip in Payday 3?

When you hack the computer in the Power Room—which in this case spawned on the bank’s roof—a panel adjacent to the computer becomes interactable and indicates which switch needs to be flipped in order to open the vault’s doors.