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Dead Space Remake: Where to Get the Plasma Cutter


It’s possible that, as you play through Dead Space Remake, you’ll find a better version of a certain weapon. These enhancements are a new feature introduced in the Remake, providing various benefits for each weapon. For example, the burn effect can now be added to the Plasma Cutter. In Dead Space, you can acquire weapons from various locations in and around Ishimura as you progress through the plot. Learn How to Obtain the Plasma Cutter in the Dead Space Remake by Reading This Article!

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Where to Get the Plasma Cutter

At the start of Chapter 1, the player is given the Plasma Cutter. The fact that it can be wielded both at a distance and up close makes it a versatile tool. Isaac avoids a confrontation with the creatures who have taken over by escaping in an elevator after colliding with Ishimura and making his way to a workshop where he can use the Plasma Cutter.

Follow the wall to the left of the elevator to find the scary message “Cut off their limbs,” which directs players to a workbench where they can use The Plasma Cutter.

Dead Space Remake: Where to Get the Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter Upgrades

  • Cartridge Rack:  After detonating the Explosive Charge in the second chapter of the game, players will be able to locate the Cartridge Rack to the left of the entry inside the Ishimura Medical Clinic.
  • Heat Accumulator:  You will need 11,000 credits to make a purchase at the Store in order to acquire the Heat Accumulator.
  • Weighted Blades: In chapter 8, you will search for the Weighted Blades in the COMMS Maintenance locker area. You will find them there.

Dead Space Remake: Where to Get the Plasma Cutter


Is the Plasma Cutter still best in Dead Space remake?

It’s the ultimate gaming weapon. Do not let go; hold on tight. The quality is so high that some individuals use nothing else, which is considered an accomplishment. It’s worth keeping even if you plan on switching to another weapon, as its versatility and effectiveness in long-range and boss encounters are unparalleled.

Where is the line cutter in Dead Space remake?

The Line Gun was first a retail item available for purchase. This has been updated for the Dead Space Remaster 2023. In order to get your hands on the Line Gun, you’ll need to access the Emergency Equipment Room on the fourth floor of the Medical deck, behind the Level 2 Security Door.

What is the original Plasma Cutter in Dead Space?

The Plasma Cutter is the game’s primary weapon. This simple weapon packs a powerful punch against aliens and may be greatly improved with the use of available Power Nodes. It has three unique abilities: heat accumulation (SP1), extra ammunition (SP2), and heavier blades (SP3).

What is the highest suit in Dead Space remake?

In order to unlock the game’s final suit upgrade—a Level 6 version—you must complete it and then load a New Game Plus save file. Players of Dead Space will be able to buy this enhancement after they reach the Store at the end of the first chapter. For 99,000 Credits, you can get the Level 6 outfit with 30% less damage taken.