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Dead Space Remake – How to Get into Cargo Hall Storage


In the Dead Space Remake, the Cargo Hall Storage room is one of the few places on board the Ishimura that have sealed doors. It is something you will come across really early in the game, and it is a place you may access. One of the rooms that players will come across at the start of the game is the Cargo Hall Storage room. You will learn how to enter the Cargo Hall Storage in Dead Space Remake by reading this article:

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How to Get into Cargo Hall Storage

Players will be left scratching their brains trying to find items in the Ishimura Ship, which is a riddle in and of itself. There are several locked doors around the ship, and nobody is aware of what is beyond them or which chamber they lead to. These rooms may have some weapons for the players to find, or perhaps a few Necromorphs just waiting to be attacked.

One such chamber that players will come across early in the game is Cargo Hall Storage. But once it’s unlocked, what will this room have to offer you? While looking for a Data Board in the Cargo and Baggage Hall to fix the broken tram, Isaac finds this door.

Dead Space Remake - How to Get into Cargo Hall Storage

After you arrive and defeat the Necromorph that is waiting to greet you, you will discover a circuit breaker outdoors. Turn on the circuit for Cargo Hall storage after interacting with the circuit breaker; do not select Maintenance Bay.

Dead Space Remake - How to Get into Cargo Hall Storage

After flipping the switch, go back to the Cargo Hall Storage Room and proceed inside. You will be trapped in once you enter. As you gather everything that will be helpful to you, a door on the room’s right will burst, revealing a vent.

Dead Space Remake - How to Get into Cargo Hall Storage

Pay close attention as another Necromorph may emerge via the vent.


How do you get the suit 6 in Dead Space remake?

When playing Dead Space on New Game Plus, the Level 6 Suit can be found in the Ishimura’s Store close to the conclusion of Chapter 1. Although it costs a whopping 99,000 Credits, you are under no obligation to purchase it right away. I wish you luck in finding every Dead Space suit upgrade!

Should I upgrade my suit in Dead Space remake?

The majority of Dead Space’s suits are merely decorative add-ons; suit upgrades are significantly more significant and expensive. You’ll need to search for these suit upgrades, which are scattered across the courses, and then buy and equip them from a store.

What is the best weapon to upgrade in Dead Space remake?

The best weapon in Dead Space is the plasma cutter, therefore concentrate on improving that. Invest in damage enhancements to save ammunition and cut off limbs with ease. It’s also critical to consider the plasma cutter’s ammunition capacity to prevent being caught without any.

How many levels are in Dead Space remake?

The Dead Space remake consists of twelve chapters. Though it might not seem like many, this is one scary game, we assure you. Spending any more time with the horrors on board the USG Ishimura would not be enjoyable.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Space remake?

In Dead Space 2, you can acquire the Hand Cannon by finishing the game on Hard Core mode. Similarly, in Dead Space (2023), you can obtain this weapon by finishing the game on Impossible mode.