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The Outlast Trials – How to Unlock Prescriptions


In the game Outlast Trials, players undergo “therapy” at the Murkoff Facility by completing different trials until they are integrated into the reborn and are allowed to exit the facility. These trials take place on one of four maps and feature puzzles, spine-tingling goals, and deadly foes. Prescriptions are helpful, but in the game, you won’t get them right away; you’ll have to unlock them. You will learn how to unlock Prescriptions in the Outlast trials by reading this article:

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What Are Prescriptions?

You will be able to buy a Tier 1 pharmaceutical product. Unlike rigs, you don’t need to swap these out because they are permanent upgrades. Once bought, it won’t stop working.

The Outlast Trials - How to Unlock Prescriptions

You will be able to obtain Tier 2 Pharmaceuticals after you have purchased each Tier 1 Upgrade. As you progress through the Trials, you’ll be able to obtain each Prescription on schedule.

How to Get Prescriptions

After the tutorial, players are dropped off at the Sleep Room at the Murkoff Facility. They can access the engineer, the pharmacy, the main terminal where they can join trials, and their own customizable sleeping place through the Sleep Room. Emily Barlow, who dispenses prescription drugs once players reach Therapy Level 3, resides in the pharmacy.

The Outlast Trials - How to Unlock Prescriptions

Players gain experience points (XP) for finishing trials, and these points are applied to their Therapy Level. The Outlast Trials do not employ prescription drugs, even though they are referred to as therapy. Rather, they are a feature that allows players to do things like slide, heal themselves, or kick foes to attack friends when playing together. Sadly, though, you cannot purchase them with cash.

Tickets are exchanged for prescriptions when trials are completed with a D or better. Players are rewarded with many tickets as they go through the programs, with the trials becoming increasingly difficult. Prescriptions are split into two categories. After all of the prescriptions in Tier One are filled, Tier Two becomes accessible.

The Outlast Trials - How to Unlock Prescriptions

Prescriptions are just like the rigs that players purchase from the engineer, only they don’t have any cool-down times and can be used whenever they choose. They can increase inventory, speed, strength, endurance, and other attributes. Many, including Slide, Doors Basher, and Instant Use, activate automatically, but some need human input.

Depending on the player’s preferred mode of play and whether they wish to play solitary or in groups, they can choose which to acquire first. Many of them also offer supportive attributes that help players and their allies, and when combined with rigs, they can form effective teams. Naturally, though, in order to get access to some of the best medications, customers will have to buy every Tier One medication.

How to Use Prescriptions 

16 Prescription skills in all, spread over two tiers, are locked. Only until all of Tier 1 has been unlocked can you access Tier 2. During the trials, you can utilize additional skills called prescriptions. The prescriptions for Tier 1 are:

  • Instant Use – Allows you to interact with an object immediately instead of having to add it to your inventory in order to use it.
  • Slide – To slip or stoop while sprinting.
  • Regeneration – A tiny quantity of restored health
  • Self-Defense Technique – Grab a bottle or brick from your stash to break free from a Pouncer’s hold.
  • Kick to Help –  Kick adversaries who have taken hold of allies.
  • Life Saver – Kick adversaries to save allies from being executed.
  • Run and Smash Doors – While sprinting, quickly open doors and pry open locked doors.

A prescription that you purchase will never expire. By choosing ‘Loadout’ on the primary console in the Murkoff Facility, you can view the prescriptions you currently have. As you get ready for trials, these Prescriptions (RX abilities) will be automatically applied to your character loadout.


How do you farm tickets in outlast trials?

After finishing all of the regular trials, you will be able to access the X Program trials. These must be finished in full (each X Program trial awards one ticket), and after you have ten tickets, you can finish the single-player trial, which will allow you to resurrect your character.

How do you get 10 release tokens in Outlast Trials?

When you complete every trial in Program X, you will receive Release Tokens as payment. After completing the first three therapeutic programs, players can access Program X, which is the last one.

Who is the big guy in The Outlast Trials?

One of the adversaries in The Outlast Trials is the Berserker, also known as the Berzerker. His form is gangly and tall, with a metallic plate covering his eye sockets. He is an ugly Big Grunt Ex-Pop.

How scary is outlast trials?

It’s more eerie and strangely unnerving than Outlast 1 + 2. Probably the most disturbing portion is the opening scene where the vision installation is displayed. Since there is a penalty for dying rather than having to redo the checkpoint, I find it to be more suspenseful than scary.