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The Outlast Trials – How to Slide


You are essentially unable to defend yourself in The Outlast Trials. The only thing you can do if you get caught is try to escape before it’s too late because you won’t be able to kill your opponent. Thus, the best course of action is to run away from your enemies and use your stealth abilities to finish the trials. To avoid them more easily, gamers can acquire specific physical skills like slipping. You will learn how to glide through the outlast trials by reading this article:

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The Importance Of Slide

One essential gameplay feature that helps players avoid attacks more effectively is the slide move. In The Outlast Trials, where players are frequently hunted by ferocious adversaries and put in numerous potentially fatal scenarios, this ability can be a game-changer. For every player hoping to survive and advance in the game, learning how to activate and use the sliding ability is essential.

The Outlast Trials - How to Slide

How to Unlock Slide

The Slide Prescription will not become available to you as soon as you begin playing The Outlast Trials. This benefit must be obtained at the Pharmacy, which opens up once you reach Therapy Level 3. All it takes to get there is to play the game and finish the trials. It won’t take long to reach this level, so don’t worry.

After finishing, you can go to the pharmacy. You may locate it by going via the hallway to the right of the main chamber of the Murkoff facility. From there, the floor will display the precise directions. You can check the Tier 1 Prescriptions and speak with the pharmacist.

The Outlast Trials - How to Slide

To unlock it, choose Slide, but before you do, make sure you have enough money.  You can get these money, known as Vouchers, by increasing your level and earning excellent ratings on trials. You will receive one voucher for each prescription benefit, but there are no returns, so make an informed decision at all times.

How to Slide

Players will need to buy the Slide medication from the Sleep Room pharmacy in order to slide in The Outlast Trials. Players can only access the pharmacy once they have attained Therapy Level 3. Gaining XP from finishing trials raises the therapy level. On a scale of F to A+, where F represents a failure, trials are rated. Even if a player fails a quest, they will still get some XP.

Players can purchase Slide and chat with Emily once they have reached Level 3. Tickets obtained by passing trials are used to buy prescription drugs. Prescriptions only cost one ticket each, but more difficult trials earn more tickets. Prescriptions come in two tiers, however players cannot access Tier Two until they have purchased every item in Tier One.

The Outlast Trials - How to Slide

As soon as players can speak with Emily, they can purchase Slide because it is available in Tier One prescriptions. They can utilize Slide with manual inputs as soon as they purchase it. Press the crouch button and run to make it slide across the ground. Players can buy additional useful medications that boost strength, speed, and stamina as they receive more tickets.


What are the abilities in outlast trials?

Each of these is capable of different things. You can see through walls to view items and adversaries when using X-RAY. You can use medical to spray a healing gas that gives you and your allies an HP boost. When an enemy triggers a landmine, Blind provides you a landmine that causes disorientation, and Stun gives you a missile that temporarily stuns adversaries.

What is the best rig in Outlast trials?

Any team participating in The Outlast Trials needs to have the Healing Rig. The Rig is very helpful for getting out of a tight spot because it produces a gas that heals the player and their allies.

Who cuts off your fingers in Outlast?

Trager grabs the camera, places it on the sink, and then washes his hands. After a brief discussion about Father Martin and his religious beliefs with Miles, he takes out a big pair of bone shears and chops off two of Miles’ fingers.

What happens when you are reborn in Outlast trials?

After they depart, Program X can be replayed for fresh rewards and perhaps even a second rebirth, which restarts the entire process anew with a new Reagent. Players keep all of the benefits and gear they had before finishing the last trial, along with their Therapy Level.

What does Spider Eye Lamb mean in Outlast Trials?

The’spider, eye, lamb’ code looks to be a trigger word for Murkoff, indicating that our character has turned into a sleeper agent of sorts. As soon as the words are spoken, we lose control and comply with Murkoff’s requests, which compels us to carry out horrible deeds against our choice.