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Dredge: How to Get Signet Ring


Dredge is a fishing adventure game with hints of existential terror for a single player. The Dredge Signet Ring is a Pursuit reward that may be obtained in Devil’s Spine. In this Lovecraftian fishing game, if you reel in a castaway, you won’t have caught anything particularly valuable, but you will have a reward that is just as shrouded in mystery as the seas themselves. How to get a signet ring in dredge is explained in this post.

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What is the Signet Ring in Dredge?

The potential uses of the Signet Ring in Dredge are currently unknown to players. Although it is implied that this item is a lucky charm, using it in-game has no discernible impact. Instead, it may simply be a joke making fun of its previous wearer, the castaway. If you are in greater need of other resources, the ring can be sold to any seller for $90.

Dredge: Signet Ring Explained

If you complete the Castaway Pursuit, you will receive the Dredge Signet Ring as a reward. You should travel to Devil’s Spine to complete this Pursuit if you haven’t already done so.

Dredge: How to Get Signet Ring

You can discover rocks arranged to spell “SOS” at Devil’s Spine. If you look about, you might find a lost captain. If you bring him to Little Marrow, he’ll reward you with the Signet Ring.

How to Get Signet Ring

Players must finish the Castaway Pursuit quest to earn the Signet Ring in Dredge. Players will find a deserted island outside of the Devil’s Spine archipelago with rocks arranged to spell out “SOS.”

Dredge: How to Get Signet Ring

The Castaway can only be found once the player has interacted with the island. Take the castaway to the nearby settlement of Little Marrow once he is safely aboard your ship. The Signet Ring is the reward for bringing him back to civilization.

What is the Signet Ring used for?

The description of the ring claims it will bring its wearer good fortune, leading to all sorts of wild assumptions about the ring’s potential applications; but, as far as I can determine, this is only a jest about the previous captain’s bad luck in becoming shipwrecked on an uninhabited island.

Dredge: How to Get Signet Ring

You can get $90 for your Signet Ring in Little Marrow, but if you’re holding out hope that someone will find some other use for it, you might as well keep it.


Can I sell the signet ring Dredge?

To the best of my knowledge, the Dredge Signet Ring serves no purpose other than that of an item that can be sold to a Trader; the asking price for this ring is $90.

Should you keep signet ring Dredge?

Because it has not brought him any good fortune, it can only be sold. Still, $90 isn’t a ton of money, especially not this late in the game if you don’t want whole sell it. Put it in storage and go fishing for the day; you’ll make up the cost and then some.

What is the good ending of Dredge?

You need to recover all the missing artifacts to set off the grand finale. This time, when you hand in your catch, instead of simply throwing them at the Collector, you should visit the Greater Marrow and have a chat with the Old Mayor.

Do trinkets do anything in Dredge?

Dredging wrecks in the Dredge sea can yield valuable trinkets. Unless otherwise specified below, Trinkets are only valued because they may be bought and sold for cash.

Who should I give the dog to in Dredge?

You can decide to hand it over to the Scientist if you like. If you give it to her, the dog will appear in her portrait. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a conversation with the Researcher and select the “Actually, I think I’m going to keep the dog” option if you decide to retain the puppy for yourself.