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Street Fighter 6 – How to Drive Rush


In Street Fighter 6, Drive Rush is a revolutionary feature. It will significantly alter the combat in the game, but even so, it’s incredibly user-friendly and not just for die-hard combat enthusiasts. Once you’ve finished customizing your controller, playing a portion of the story, and selecting a main character to practice with, it’s time to learn about some of the features that Street Fighter 6 has to offer. One of the most significant is Drive Rush. You will learn how to drive rush in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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What is Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6?

One of the key Drive System features unveiled in Street Fighter 6 is Drive Rush. Its main application is to use Drive Rush cancellable moves to expand combinations. Drive Rush can also be utilized to surprise opponents with quick movements in neutral or out of combos, allowing you to apply pressure or land some blows before they even realize it.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Drive Rush

If your character begins to flash green, you are doing a Drive Rush. Head over to practice mode right away if you want to use Drive Rush to nail combo extensions because the timing is a little tight! Furthermore, using Drive Rush to cancel a move or during a combo will cost you heavily because it will deduct three Drive Gauge bars, or half of your total.

How does Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6 work?

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive Rush feature allows you to change up the fight five times. You have the ability to reverse incoming strikes, generate Overdrive techniques, parry attacks, absorb hits with a reply, and dash in the direction of your opponent. The Drive Gauge is a meter necessary for all these Drive Rush powers.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Drive Rush

If you employ an excessive number of Drive Rush maneuvers, such as parries, the Drive Gauge will decrease. It’s best not to get it too low. Your character will become startled if they are pushed too far, giving your opponent more opportunities to attack. According to Capcom on the official Street Fighter 6 website, “understanding the system in-depth, including when to be conservative and when to gamble, allows for deep, high-level battles.”

How to Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, there are two ways to execute a drive rush; both require you to consume the energy from the little green bars that are located beneath your vitality bar, known as your drive gauge. You can sprint toward your opponent with the driving rush parry and then quickly counter with strong combos.

The other consumes more of your drive gauge and allows you to transition directly from an assault into a drive rush cancel. Here’s how to execute the two of them:

How to drive rush parry

One way to finish the drive rush parry is to execute a drive parry first, then add a dash to it—or better yet, do both at the same time. This is excellent for running at your opponent and landing consecutive combos afterward.

  • RB/R1 + L-Stick, L-Stick quickly toward your enemy

Street Fighter 6 - How to Drive Rush

You must simultaneously dash toward your opponent with your left stick or left on your D-pad while pressing the drive parry button, which is represented by RB or R1 on your controller. If you’re doing it right, you should see a greenish-blue flame surrounding your character. Taking full advantage of your opponent’s shocked state, you can quickly initiate an assisted combination and follow up with any strike. Approximately one bar of your drive gauge will be used in a drive rush parry.

How to drive rush to cancel

Because you have to time it just correctly to effectively cancel out your move and start the drive rush, I found the drive rush cancel to be a little trickier to execute. You’ll need to run toward your opponent, just as in the drive rush parry, except you won’t be using your parry this time.

  • Cancel Attack + L-Stick, L-Stick quickly toward your enemy

You’ll need to determine what your character’s cancel move is—they all vary—in order to do this drive rush. Luke, for instance, uses his strong punch while crouching as a cancel move. In order to negate his drive rush, you must first deliver a powerful punch while crouching, then quickly sprint toward your opponent using the left stick or left on the D-pad to start a drive rush.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Drive Rush

If you’re performing this right, once more, you should see the greenish-blue flames. Three bars of your drive gauge are used by this drive rush cancel. You might create the ideal opening for a powerful combo move by ambushing your opponent with drive rush attacks. However, don’t forget to monitor your drive gauge because depleting it will leave you vulnerable and burned out.


How do you Drive Rush cancel in Street Fighter 6?

To initiate a Drive Rush cancel, you must either be holding forward or in neutral directional input, meaning you cannot go forward or backward. Holding a back input is not possible, which prevents characters like Guile and E from being charged.

How does drive work in Street Fighter 6?

When an opponent’s strike is successfully repelled, Drive is automatically restored. You can execute a perfect parry by parrying exactly before an opponent’s attack. To convert a special move into an Overdrive Art, press two of the same type of button instead of just one.

How many FPS is Street Fighter 6 PC?

Street Fighter 6 moved between 45 and 60 frames per second in World Tour mode, depending on the character density. Many graphics settings are available, such as bloom, motion blur, antialiasing, and crowd density.

Who is the fastest in Street Fighter?

Vega is one of the Street Fighter series’ quickest characters, but she’s also one of the weakest. With his claw, speed, and leaps giving him an advantage in reach, his power is in long-range assaults. Vega is capable of losing his claw in battle.