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ECS B760H7-M20 is a basic MicroATX motherboard with three monitor connections


ECS’s offering of a MicroATX motherboard at the base level is denoted by the model number B760H7-M20. It is compatible with both ALder Lake and Raptor Lake processors because it is based on the Intel B760 chipset and uses that chipset. As a result of this, it is a good choice for customers who are concerned about their own financial situations. It was revealed that this motherboard would be incorporated into the system in some capacity. The socket for the central processing unit (CPU) is designated as LGA1700, and it is compatible with Intel Core processors from the 13th and 12th generations.

The power circuit has seven and a half phases total. Even though it is relatively inexpensive, the fact that it has three display outputs, HDMI 2.0 on one of them, and DisplayPort on both of them permits triple display with the graphics that are already incorporated into the device. Memory slots on the B760H7-M20 are DDR5-5600 x 2 and can hold up to 64 GB of data. It also features storage slots that are SATA 3.0 x 4, M.2 (PCI Express 4.0 x 4) x 2, and extension slots that are PCI Express 5.0 (x16) x 1, PCI Express 3.0 (x1) x 2, and M.2 2230 x 1 for the wireless module.

The network controller on the board is a Realtek RTL8111H, and the board’s dimensions are 244 millimetres by 230 millimetres. Within this particular setup, the audio processing is handled by a Realtek ALC897 controller. Windows 11 running in 64-bit mode is the only operating system that may be used, and it is the only one that is supported. Although there is no information regarding the cost at this moment, it is probable that this motherboard will be the least expensive B760 choice available on the market. This speculation is based on the fact that there is currently no information regarding the cost.