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Educational Assessment of Game “Clash Royale”


Clash Royale is a popular education mobile app developed by the geniuses of Clash of Clans, who use a similar payment system in a broad sense.  The game is free and it allows players to spend a lot of time enjoying themselves without paying anything. The principle of the game consists of elements of card games and real-time strategy.

Students get to select eight cards from a map deck before every round, which is played against AI opponents or team players. Four players are always ready to start playing the game. The cards have been mixed in a clever way because if a player manages to destroy the main tower of the enemy, he or she has won. If the rounds will be over in more than three minutes, then the side that has demolished most of the opponent’s towers will have won. Winners receive chests and gold.

The price of winning Free Clash Royale Gems

These chests usually contain new cards and jewels. The type of chest will be determined by the rarity of the chest. For instance, some chests can be bought at the shop within the game against jewels. And which are then offered at a higher probability on stronger and rare cards. The jewels can be bought with real money or won in the fight.

Gameplay guide

The game principle is fast learning and easy. At the start of the fight against your AI opponents, players are usually rewarded with winnings. The rewards and gains create incentives and push them to keep on keeping on. Clash Royale provides a balanced mix of tactics and luck that will help you understand and order your assignments on and excel at school. Your assignments will be done without any of your efforts and you will have the chance to enjoy the game playing process even more. Therefore, players with a strong map deck can lose if they fail to use them cleverly.

The game principle has been implemented successfully. Unlike other games that rely on the concept of Free2Play, new content is not always released by real money exclusively. Thanks to the system of matchmaking, which allows players to compete with other rivals, the card deck is always balanced. And victory is always a possibility. Investing real money is beneficial and it can greatly simplify your level as you move upwards. When it comes to assignment writing service and apps with similar payment systems, it should be discussed with learners how much they’ll need to spend.

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