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Dead Island 2 – Where to Find Legendary Bodycount Rifle


A rifle is a reliable mid- to long-range weapon for slicing through zombie hordes. They can neutralize adversaries at a distance and prevent you from being overrun. Bodycount is a legendary-level rifle with excellent damage potential and stats. While some weapons can be found anywhere on the street, better weapons can only be found in lockboxes and during story quests. Redacted is one of the hidden side missions you must locate to obtain the best legendary weapons. This post will describe where to find Dead Island 2’s fabled Bodycount Rifle.

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Where to Find Legendary Bodycount Rifle

Redacted is a late- or post-story quest, to start with. Therefore, you must finish the campaign or most of the story before you can begin. After completing that, you can visit the military camp and go to Venice Beach. Numerous elite zombies are in this area, but only one piques your curiosity. Enter the military camp to the first location shown in the above image. After that, turn left and proceed to the military tent near the left wall. Within, you’ll discover a zombie, Lt. Ford, whom you can dispatch to retrieve the documents and initiate the Redacted mission.

Dead Island 2 - Where to Find Legendary Bodycount Rifle

The Legendary Bodycount Rifle is required to finish the Redacted quest you received in Dead Island 2. Here’s how to find it:

  • Step out of the military camp and head northeast along the beach.
  • Proceed to the second location on the above image to gain entry into the military complex.
  • To access the military complex’s grounds, go through the metal gate and deal with the control panel on the left.
  • After that, turn right and push the red button to open the mesh gate.
  • Move through the door on your right, crouching so as not to contact the explosive mechanism. Proceed through many rooms before leaving via the beach’s metal door.
  • Turn right around container 63 to enter container 66.
  • Take the renowned Bodycount Rifle to your left after breaking through the wooden crates.

How to Get the Legendary Bodycount Rifle

During the first playthrough, legendary weapons are deemed to be a little too strong. Therefore, in order to obtain them, you must finish Dead Island 2’s main questline. There are a total of 24 missions in this set.

Dead Island 2 - Where to Find Legendary Bodycount Rifle

In Dead Island 2, you will need to finish a few missions that W.O. Rodriguez assigns you before you can start working toward getting Bodycount. To begin both of them, you must go to the Venice Beach Tower and talk to W.O. Rodriguez. Since the quests are not too difficult, we advise completing them as soon as you can.


What is the strongest weapon in Dead Island 2?

The majority of players believe that the fastest-firing Legendary Rifle in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount, is the greatest weapon. In addition to its amazing strength, it is useful for eliminating zombies one at a time or one at a time.

What is the best hunting rifle in Dead Island 2?

Given to the Slayer following the conclusion of the ‘Creature Comforts’ side quest in Bel-Air, Peggy is a fantastic hunting rifle that really needs a sharpshooter to be fully utilized. It’s basically a Sporting Rifle with more style as a designated weapon.

What is the best headhunter weapon in Dead Island 2?

Conveniently, Blood Rage is among the best Headhunter weapons in the game and, provided the player can charge a deadly blow to the head, it makes dealing with Walkers easy. Aside from this, Blood Rage has perks that are automatically attached to the weapon and deals amazing damage at a respectable pace.

How do you get rare weapons in Dead Island 2?

Players must finish the side missions “Resurrect the Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex” in Beverly Hills in order to get the rare katana “O-Kami and Whiskey” in Dead Island 2. This Unusual Weapon is a maiming katana that increases durability and damage to limbs.

What is max level in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, the highest level a player can attain is thirty. Players level up as their character gains experience points, or XP, in most role-playing games. They will end the game at that level and will not be able to gain more experience points after level 30.