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Far Cry New Dawn Guide: All the Treasure Locations and their Solutions


Far Cry New Dawn Guide is not much different from the original game. As a matter of fact, the main game contains more points of interest. But it does not mean that there is nothing to do in New Dawn. You can still play a lot of interesting side missions along the main story. Plus, you can spend time on treasure hunting. These treasure missions are often quite interesting and they grant you good amount of loot. This guide will tell you about all the treasure locations in the game. Check out all the news on Far Cry New Dawn Guide.

For Whom the Bear Toll:

First puzzle can be solved easily. This treasure hunt can be found near FANG Center. Reach the location and read Wade’s Journal. Climb to the top of the church. If you shoot the bell of the church, it will call a bear. When the bear approaches near the church, kill it. After killing the bear, you’ll find Fowler’s Crypt Key on it. At Southwest side of the church, you’ll see a hole in the ground. This tunnel will lead you to crypt. The key you found on bear, use it to unlock the entrance. The mission will be completed once you get inside.

Going Haywire:

Going Haywire puzzle can be solved at Parker’s Vault. Parker’s Vault is located around the Chop Shop outpost. Open the Highwaymen note and read it. After reading the note, climb to the top of the roof of the locked building. You’ll spot the Far Cry New Dawn Guide quite easily as it is the biggest one around. From the top, search for a lock. Shoot the lock to open the door. Get inside and loot the building. Far Cry New Dawn you are done there, head to the room in the back.  Turning on the switch will take out the power and it will open the bunker.

Riddle me Fish:

This interestingly named Treasure can be found near Broken Forge Outpost at Skylar’s Riddle. Look for a warning note to start the quest. After reading the note, crouch down the building. You’ll face a number of obstacles like bill boards along the way. Break them and continue. There will be a generator in the room down there. Power up the generator and search for the order of the fish. You have to enter a code; we are not 100% sure but, in our case, it was 2-4-6-1-3-5. If it does not work for you, try other combinations. Go outside and look for the shed. In the shed, you’ll need to find the fish on wall. And the mission will be done there.

Rescuers Go Under:

This treasure hunt is heaven for players who like some reading along the mission. And its reward is quite handsome. To complete Rescuers Go Under, players should reach Signal Point Outpost and start their journey towards Misery Falls. You’ll find a rescuer note there. Reading that note will initiate the mission. Remember that you must have Grapple per unlocked to complete this mission. Use this perk to hook a point above you and find the cave. After climbing and swimming for multiple times, you’ll find a bunker where the loot lies.

Target Practice:

If you wandering are near Signal Point outpost, don’t forget to collect Target Practice. You can start the mission by reading the Highwaymen note. Search for a hole in the ground near Nadine’s Junkyard. Climb down and you’ll find a lever there. Pull that level and kill the enemies that may appear. Get in the appeared bucket and find the gate to bunker.

High Art:

You can start this treasure hunt near Atelier Far Cry New Dawn Guide. Just reach the place and read the Highwaymen note. Don’t worry about finding the Highway men note, it will be hanging alongside of the wall. This treasure hunt will also require the Grapple perk. Use the perk to climb to the top of the tower. From there, you will to use zipline to take a ride down to the barn. Once you reach the barn’s roof, get inside and reach the lower level. Use the valve to discover a car. That car will be used to get to the other side of the barn. Just open the valve there and bam! There you have it.

The Best Laid Plans:

This treasure can be instigated at The Pantry outpost. You are going to need Grapple perk for this treasure too. So, we suggest that you unlock this perk as soon as possible. Moving on to mission; near The Pantry outpost, you’ll see a bridge containing crashed train and carriages. Open the Survivor note and look for the carriage closest to the ground. Enter that carriage. Use the Grapple hook to climb up to the cars and find the treasure.

Burning Souls:

Burning Souls can be found near The Best Far Cry New Dawn Guide. Don’t forget to start this treasure hunt after completing The Best Laid Plans. Read the New Eden note located at Eden’s Pyre. Search for the dead bodies around. There is a body placed right on top of the pit. Throw the bodies down into the pit. If you have a Molotov in your inventory, throw one down there. If you are out of them, look for one near the building. When you burn the bodies, a nearby cave entrance will be opened and your loot will be there.

Go with the Flow:

Search for a cave and enter. After that you have to get the Far Cry New Dawn hints. There will be some interesting journal pages that you would certainly find amusing. Read the journal carefully and follow the instructions. When you reach the waterfalls, jump down below. There will be a cave hiding the loot.

Light Them Up:

Light them Far Cry New Dawn Guide is the final treasure in the list. To find this treasure hunt, players must reach the spot called Tooth chapel. Tooth chapel can be found between the Trailer Town and the Sacred Lumber outposts. Find the Highwaymen note and read it, the note will guide you to a wolverine. You must kill the wolverines in your way and loot the body for the key. Smash all the billboards you find along the way to release the frustration and anger. When you reach a way point that says “Burn”. Kill the wolverines near the board using Molotov. One of them will have the key for you. Use this key to open the bunker in the shed.

We hope this guide will help you completing all the treasure hunts. If you want to share any tip regarding these side quests. Tell us in the comments.

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