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Far Cry New Dawn: Far Cry 6 Game Leaked Release Date


Far Cry 6 New Dawn

Long ways arrangement has pushed out probably the best titles and there is no uncertainty that the up and coming 6th portion will be any unique. After the arrival of fruitful Far Cry New Dawn, bits of gossip began to surface asserting different conceivable setting of the Far Cry 6.

Long ways is an establishment that is developed from relative haziness into one of Ubisoft’s most bankable hits. The arrangement has taken us across the globe, doing combating evil (and infrequently great) on tropical islands, across Africa, the Himalayas, and surprisingly in the US, with side projects and DLC setting the major part in opposition to outsiders, cyborgs, and even sasquatches. Presently we’ll be making a trip to the anecdotal Caribbean island of Yara in the midst of common distress and an upheaval following many years of monetary assents.

In a genuine takeoff from the setting of Far Cry New Dawn will take us to a “tropical heaven frozen on schedule” called Yara. Yara is constrained by despot Anton Castillo (played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito), who intends to reestablish the heaven to magnificence with assistance from his child, Diego – through any methods vital. In any case, an upheaval is occurring in Yara which means to bring down Castillo. Players will venture into the shoes of hero Dani, a revolutionist in the battle against Castillo.

Far Cry 6 Battle Royale Mode

Strikingly another report by clues that after the achievement of Far Cry 5 Ubisoft is dealing with not one but rather two Far Cry New Dawn titles.

  1. These titles are titled as Far Cry 5.5 and Far Cry 6.
  2. The report discusses a post on 4chan that guarantees that Ubisoft is taking a shot at an all new improved multiplayer involvement in a science fiction setting.
  3. This bit of data isn’t sufficient to infer that the game will include a Battle Royale mode.
  4. In any case, fans are estimating this may be the situation considering the accomplishment of all the fight royale game has had before.
  5. The break proposes that Ubisoft Toronto is driving the improvement of Far Cry 6. Long ways 6 will have Clint Hocking as its innovative chief.
  6. Ubisoft has presented another title called Far Cry New Dawn to the establishment.

Far Cry 6 New Dawn

The distributor has educated the fans that Far Cry New Dawn is an immediate continuation of Far Cry 5. Be that as it may, it’s anything but an authority Far Cry 6 discharge. The New Dawn game could be the Far Cry 5.5 referenced in the 4chan post. Long ways New Dawn was discharged on PS4, Xbox and Windows PC on Feb 15.


The Far Cry 6 delivery date is at some point in Q2/Q3 2021. It’s not the first occasion when that a delivery date for Ubisoft’s games has been spilled in such a manner, as exactly the same thing occurred with Immortals: Fenix Rising. Honestly however, we’ve not had a formally declared delivery date for Far Cry New Dawn.

It was recently set to dispatch on February 18, 2021 preceding at first being returned to a Q1 2021 window. The postponement became exposed through a new monetary report from Ubisoft, part of which you can see with your own eyes in the tweet underneath. Long ways 6 is currently expected to dispatch before March 2022.


In Far Cry 6, you’ll play as a progressive chief named Dani Rojas, deciding to be either male or female toward the start of the game. Rojas’ story will straightforwardly affect the world and how the character responds to the occasions on Yara.

The Fangs for Hire framework will return, which previously showed up in Far Cry New Dawn which permitted players to select creature allies to battle with them. We definitely know one recruitable buddy, Chorizo, the “hazardously diverting weiner canine” and diverting he is, simply see that face…

The new trailer gives us a decent gander at the principle adversary, Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito who plays Anton Casillo, or ‘El Presidente’. Regardless of whether you have love in your heart; regardless of whether you need what’s best for them; on the off chance that you just need to save them from themselves – they will abhor you, Diego. All that you do, say, accept, will not be right.”


The fundamental character Dani Rojas is up to speed in the insurgency on the island and ascends against. Castillo’s vacant guarantee to reestablish the island back to its previous wonder. There will be various gatherings of progressives across the island. The inspirations and approaches of some guerrilla contenders not exactly adjusting.

The occasions will happen on Yara, with the story’s contention crossing the anecdotal Caribbean island. Long ways 6 is, obviously, open-world and will highlight a scope of territories inside. The island including sea shores, wildernesses, and the capital. Esperanza – which we see looks at in the trailer.

Presently we have a Far Cry New Dawn delivery date, ideally Ubisoft will share more subtleties soon. Including ongoing interaction and the other creature allies we’ll have the option to enroll.

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