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Deliver Us Mars – How to Reach the ARK Labos Bridge


Deliver Us Mars shows us that ARK Labos, a giant solar array that shoots electricity down to the surface colony, is the first thing the Zephyr III mission encounters when they arrive on the red planet. You will need to resurrect ARK Labos’s power in Chapter 3. You will need to power up the MPT connectors to accomplish that manually. Reading this post, you may learn how to get to the ARK Labos Bridge in Deliver Us Mars.

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How to Reach the Bridge

After going through several hallways, players will find a closed door and a STREAME transmitter. Pointing the emitter at the receiver in the same room is the initial step in this situation. By doing this, the players can enter the next room. The following area has a floor panel with bolts that players can use the laser to cut. By doing this, another emitter will emerge.

Deliver Us Mars - How to Reach the ARK Labos Bridge

There is no third emitter, but players can point this one toward the receiver in the same room, which reveals a third receiver and moves a neighbouring arm. The ability of the STREAME to function through glass is the key to solving this puzzle.

To keep the door open, aim the second emitter toward the first receiver; aim the first emitter at the second receiver to move the arm. Players can then return to the second emitter and aim it at the third recipient. This will open the door leading forward and close the door leading back. Here’s what players need to see after they finish:

Deliver Us Mars - How to Reach the ARK Labos Bridge

How to Fix the Connection of MPT of ARK Labos

As soon as you enter the area, a device used to power up Labos will have eight Receiver Points attached to it. The Beam of STREAME technicians must be installed on each Receiver Point. Nonetheless, a series of dots will be seen above every Receiver Point. This means that you will need to power them up in a precise order because the present receiver needs power at a specified number.

Approach the Receiver Point with one dot above it, then turn to face rearward. Two STREAME technicians will be present. One STREAME’s beam must be positioned on the receiver point with one dot. When you place it and turn to look behind you, you will see the lock that AYLA may access. To unlock the door, either use Ayla or engage with the lock. Proceed to unlock the door on the right side by cutting the locks.

The adjacent room will have lightning and cylinders visible to you. To remove the lightning and prevent electrocution, you must destroy the cylinders. You must demolish each one while maintaining a safe distance because doing so will shock you if you approach too closely and injure you if you destroy it too close. Cut the locks on the door on the right side of the chamber to gain entry after shattering every cylinder.

Deliver Us Mars - How to Reach the ARK Labos Bridge

There are two more STREAME technicians in the space. First open the door in front of AYLA before attempting to link them. Now, attach two dots to one STREAME tech and three dots to the second STREAME tech’s connection to the receiver point. You must now use AYLA by pressing the C button and entering the ventilation system located in front of room B’s door lock. To access the next room, go through the vents and use AYLA to open it.

Now attach four dots to the STREAME tech beam and five dots to the STREAME tech to the receiver point. Proceed into the next room and push the button to open the door beyond. Connect the STREAME tech beam to the receiver point with six dots, and the other STREAME tech beam to the receiver point with seven dots after using the laser to cut the door’s lock.

Deliver Us Mars - How to Reach the ARK Labos Bridge

Return to room A, where you connected the Receiver Point with one dot, and use eight dots to connect the other STREAME tech beam to the Receiver Point. Return to the bridge at this point and engage with the Terminal. After that, to finish restoring ARK Labos’ power, you must engage with the system on the outer bridge area.


How do you jump from wall to wall in Deliver Us Mars?

There’s an ice wall to climb at the end of the tunnels. Reach the summit, then release your pickaxes and press the jump button to leap to the wall on the other side.

How many chapters are in Deliver Us Mars?

The game Deliver Us Mars is divided between a prologue and nine chapters, each of which has rewards for players to complete and objects to discover. The game is also full of puzzles, some of which will probably leave players scratching their heads.

Is deliver us Mars offline?

Indeed. Deliver Us Mars requires an internet connection to install; but, if you ever need to play without one, you can make use of Steam’s offline mode.

Is Deliver Us Mars multiplayer?

There aren’t any multiplayer options. This game is classified T by the ESRB and has mild blood and violence in it. As stated by the ESRB: “Players take on the role of astronauts exploring a vanished colony on Mars in this action-adventure game.