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Street Fighter 6 – How to Find Thrasher


The most recent game in the well-liked Street Fighter series is called Street Fighter 6. Plenty of new elements exist in this installment, such as puzzles and many creatures to battle. One of these opponents is called Thrasher, and to find him, players must first take out many mobs during the night. Even if you know where he is, there is one small thing you need to do before you can locate him. You will learn how to locate Thrasher in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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How to Find Thrasher

Go to the rooftop Scrap Yard at night in Repping Metro City Chapter 11-1 to locate Thrasher. During the day, Thrasher won’t be available, so head to the Hangout and get some rest till evening. The address is shown on the map as Center Street in Downtown.

Players must take the following actions to locate the Thrasher:

1. The Scrapyard’s Rooftop must be the first place players must go.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Thrasher

2. However, gamers must ensure they are visiting at night.

3. Players then have to take out a crazy gang and all of its members.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Thrasher

4. The following is a list of every gang member that players must eliminate:

  • Mad Gear Glob (Level 30)
  • Toro (Level 29)
  • Mad Gear Dancer (Level 31)
  • Sketchy (Level 30)
  • Mad Gear Bull (Level 29)
  • El Toro (Level 31)
  • Madri (Level 32)
  • Mad Gear Dancer (Level 29)

5. The players must talk to Mad Gear Butterfly after defeating these guys.

6. This will ultimately reveal the Thrasher’s location.

7. The Downtown region is where The Thrasher is situated.

8. It is imperative for players to visit the location during the night.

9. Players must convey a message to the Crows Gang after meeting and conversing with him.

After defeating these adversaries, speak with Mad Gear Butterfly. Now that you know Thrasher’s address, proceed to Downtown. As we previously stated, be sure to meet him at his location during the night. He will advise you to send a message to the Crows Gang as soon as you meet him.


How do you get into Crows Nest SF6?

You must speak with Mad Gear Tequila, who is located on the roof next to Thrasher, in order to begin this quest. He’ll direct you precisely, but it must be at night. When you get there, you’ll need to speak with the Crows Burungak. Once you are inside the door, continue down the route until you come to Crows Khagbhai.

Where is Thrasher in Chapter 11 of Street Fighter 6?

Because he is only accessible at night, players should go to the Hangout and adjust the time of day as necessary. They should then proceed to the rooftop where they first saw Thrasher in Chapter 4, which is just around the corner past the police station.

How do you beat Thrasher in sf6?

Keep hurling Thrasher Damnd to the ground or use your Drive bar to deal some damage if he is blocking all of your assaults at any point during the battle. Following your victory with Thrasher Damnd, a cutscene will begin, and once it ends, you two will converse for a while.

Where is the trasher in sf6?

Navigate north from your apartment, east from there, first road south, first road west. There’s a Mad Gear goon, Elissa, and a ladder along this path. To find Trasher and carry on the story, climb on it, then the next ladder, and turn right.

How do you get Jamie as a master sf6?

When you return to the Alley, Jamie will have moved to the rooftops close to where you battled the Mad Gear punks before in the narrative. Make sure you’re doing this at night once more. Reach the summit of the roof and converse with Jamie to make him your Master in Street Fighter 6 World Tour!

How old is Ken Street Fighter 6?

Ken was born on February 14, 1965, according to the Street Fighter II SNES manual. By the time SF6 takes place, he will be about 42 years old. Ken fights with the same Ansatsuken (assassination fist) technique as Ryu.