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Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Orichalcum


As you advance in Final Fantasy 16, more rare materials will be needed to create better equipment. Strong crafting supplies are frequently obtained via challenging side tasks and Notorious Marks with a high reputation. Orichalcum, which is utilized to make some of the best goods available through crafting, is one of the most valuable resources. It’s simple to complete a playthrough and not find any orichalcum. That’s because completing a number of side missions is the only way to acquire this rare ore. The following paragraphs will describe the Final Fantasy XVI orichalcum guide:

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What Is Orichalcum Used For In Final Fantasy 16?

In Final Fantasy 16, orichalcum is only utilized to make the potent sword Gotterdammerung. Players won’t have access to this particular blade until much later in Clive’s quest because it is one of the strongest weapons in the game. Players must first finish the “Blacksmith Blues IV” sidequest, which appears during the Across The Narrow Main Story Quest (the game’s 41st Main Story Quest overall), to acquire the ability to construct Gotterdammerung.

Final Fantasy XVI: Orichalcum Guide

Players must have finished Blacksmith Blues, Blacksmith Blues II, and Blacksmith Blues III to unlock this side mission. Players will receive the blade Ragnarok and a special draft to make Gotterdammerung as rewards for completing the side mission. Players can travel to Blackthorne with the necessary supplies to assemble the potent weapon once they acquire the draft. What it takes to create it is as follows:

Gotterdammerung 1 Ragnarok + 3 Orichalcum + 2 Darksteel + 1 Primitive Battlehorn

The lengthy recipe for Gotterdammerung calls for players to acquire three pieces of Orichalcum, which means they must locate and eliminate at least three of the proper S-Rank markings.

How To Get Orichalcum in Final Fantasy XVI

Players will face some of Final Fantasy 16’s most difficult opponents in order to earn Orichalcum. Slaying certain S-Rank Notorious Marks, which are located via the Hunt Board later in the game, will earn you the material. After completing five distinct side missions, four of which are Notorious Marks, you can get five pieces of orichalcum. These are the quests:

Final Fantasy XVI: Orichalcum Guide

Side Quest/Notorious Mark Spoils
Under New Management 2 Orichalcum x1, Veil Signboard x1, Meteorite x1
Atlas (The Breaker of Worlds) Orichalcum x1, Fallen Iron x1
Svarog (Ruin Reawakened) Orichalcum x1, Fallen Enigma x1, Amber x1, Empty Shard x1
Gorgimera (The Tricephalic Terror) Orichalcum x1
Behemoth King (The Masterless Marauder) Orichalcum x1, Behemoth Shackle x1


Is there enough Orichalcum in FF16?

In the entire game, there are only a few Orichalcum, and three of them are required to make the fabled blade Gotterdammerung.Orichalcum was once so plentiful that it was used in everything from cutlery and coinage to armor and weaponry.

What is the point of no return in FF16?

So, what actually occurs when one reaches the end of the road? Any optional activities you haven’t yet completed will be removed from the game forever. Completionists who want to get every award in the game should take the time to perform the early side quests, even though they aren’t required.

Is Excalibur good in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, Excalibur is an epic weapon that can quickly dispatch many enemies in Valisthea thanks to its formidable 268 Attack and 268 Stagger.

Who is the main villain in FF16?

Ultima. The game’s major adversary is Ultima, who usually operates through proxies like Barnabas. The ancient civilisation represented by Ultima’s avatar abandoned their physical bodies after the Blight destroyed their country.

What is the name of the world in ff16?

Valisthea is a made-up world where Final Fantasy XVI takes place. The Mothercrystals are enormous magical crystals dispersed over the continents of Ash and Storm, the source of aether energy that powers the numerous societies that have developed around their fragments.