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Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour) Hunt Location


The Holy Trumpitour, or Man in Black, is a formidable FF16 adversary. This adversary from Lostwing in Sanbreque possesses great damage and surprise attacks. Aether inundated Lostwing, destroying one of the Bearers’ remaining refuges. Even worse, an aether-infected Black Shield kills everyone nearby. Let’s stop him. Find and kill The Man in Black in Final Fantasy 16 for these rewards.

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Who Is Man in Black In Final Fantasy XVI?

Within the borders of Lostwing, Sanbreque, you’ll find the Man in Black, better known as Holy Trumpitour, a major foe in Final Fantasy 16. He’s an enemy cannoneer, and he’s well-known for his enormous damage output and his slow-moving but devastating melee assaults.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black Location

Holy Trumpitour has a unique jumping move that spews earthy magic that explodes, making follow-up assaults dangerous. The Man in Black’s most lethal strike is a flamethrower that can cover a large area in a matter of seconds. This imposing figure is not simply a worthy adversary but also a noteworthy addition to Final Fantasy 16’s canon.

The Man in Black Location in Final Fantasy XVI

Clive must put an end to the reign of terror being perpetrated by a Man in Black who has taken up residence in the recently deserted Lostwing. Find him at this address.

  • To find Central Sanbreque, look for Lostwing on a global map.
  • Find the end of the town’s Cellar Passage by doing so.

Central Sanbreque is located at the far right of the world map. Most likely, Lostwing will be written at this waypoint. If the Lostwing Obelisk does not appear on the global map, use the in-world map to find it.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black Location

Once you have reached Lostwing, ascend the steps, and enter the church.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black Location

A descending ladder can be found in the church to the left of the main entrance. The Cellar Passage can be accessed through a door at the foot of the stairs.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black Location

This stone passageway ultimately terminates in an open plaza where the Holy Trumpitour, previously disguised as The Man in Black, awaits. The Holy Trumpitour is a level 36 Rank-B monster.

The Holy Trumpitour is extremely nimble for someone with his size and big armament, zipping all over the area with the help of his mortar.

How To Defeat The Man In Black in Final Fantasy XVI

Players will be familiar with this battle, which is a blessing. Cannoneers’ move sets are standard, yet they deal much damage with their slow but heavy assaults. Regular attacks require some preparation time before they land thus, speed is something to keep in mind. It’s important to take your time dodging and timing your assaults, as many regular attacks will be familiar from earlier Cannoneer foes.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Man in Black Location

You should be on the lookout for the flamethrower’s area-of-effect, lunging, and Rocketeer assaults. Let’s examine each one individually:

  • Dodging backward and waiting out the flamethrower is your best bet. To put it.
  • There are three separate sets of this lunging attack, and each point of impact will explode into more crystals of damage in front of the cannon. Here, dodging left or right is preferable to dodging backward; this should be your strategy for all three lunges.
  • The final step is the most challenging. The Holy Trumpitour occasionally uses the cannon for a lightning-fast and devastating rush attack. Dodging isn’t always effective because the boss will doggedly try again if you miss. Using an interrupting ability, like the Titanic Block, is a smart strategy. This achieves its desired effect because it causes an effect, freeing Clive from having to execute the same act repeatedly.

Rewards For Defeating The Man In Black in Final Fantasy XVI

After defeating the Holy Trumpitour, the player will receive various drops.

  • 9,800 Gil
  • 20 Renown
  • 1 Scarletite
  • 1 Meteorite


Where to find pandemonium FF16?

Wolfdarr in Waloed, northwest of The Shadow Coast and southwest of The Angry Gap, is where you’ll find Pandemonium if you unlock it. The quickest way to go to Pandemonium is to use a fast travel system to get to the obelisk on The Shadow Coast and then follow that path up.

Where does FF16 take place?

The world of Final Fantasy XVI is Valisthea, a pair of continents ruled over by six separate nations thanks to their possession of powerful magical Crystals and human “Dominants” who serve as hosts for their own Eikons. As a magical drought known as the Blight spreads over the land, tensions rise between countries.

How many hunts are there in ff16?

In Final Fantasy 16, there are a total of 32 Hunts to complete in order to get the ‘Hunter, Hunted’ Trophy for killing all of the Hunts’ respective Notorious Marks. The best gear in the game requires a lot of crafting resources, which these creatures drop.

Can I play FF16 offline?

While the game can be enjoyed offline, online features like Multi Battle and DLC purchases are not available without an Internet connection.