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How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12


This article explains how to add a screen recording option to the Control Center of an iPhone 12, along with the necessary steps to accomplish this.

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How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

When using an iPhone 12, in order to begin recording your screen, you will first need to add the option to your Control Center so that you can quickly access the controls. This will allow you to record your screen without having to go away from the app you are using. After that, you will finally be allowed to begin recording the audio. This is the first step that needs to be taken before you can begin recording what’s happening on your screen. Following this method will ensure that it is successfully added to your account.

1. To accomplish this on your iPhone 12, open the Settings app, and then pick General from the menu that appears after opening the app.

How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

2. Before moving forward, make sure that the Control Center option has been selected.

How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

3. You can get a recording of what was shown on your screen if you scroll down a bit further on this page.

How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

4. Tap the addition sign, which has the appearance of a green plus sign and is situated exactly next to it. This will allow you to add something.

How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

5. The Control Center that you are currently use has been updated to include controls for recording the current screen. To record what’s happening on your screen, you need to use these controls.


How can I record my mobile screen with sound?

You may access your quick settings by bringing down the notification shade that is located at the very top of the screen. Simply tapping the Screen Recorder icon and thereafter granting the device permission to record the screen will do the trick (you might have to edit the default icons that appear). Find out what sounds, if any, you wish to record in your project.

Why don’t I have the screen recording on my iPhone?

Activating the Recording Button on the Screen

You can add the screen recording icon to Control Center through the Settings app on your device if it is not already there. Launch the app that controls settings. Select the Control Center option. Choose the “Customize Controls” option.

What is a screen recording on iPhone?

You will be able to produce a movie of every swipe, tap, and sound that occurs on your screen for as long as the recording feature is active thanks to the screen recording feature. This is just one of the many tips and tricks for the iPhone that will, without a doubt, make your life simpler. To access the Control Center on an iPhone 8 or earlier model, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone X or later models).

Why does my phone not have a screen record option?

In the event that the option to record your screen does not appear, you will have to manually add it to the Quick Settings panel. To do so, open the Quick settings panel and then select the Edit icon from the menu that appears (looks like a pencil). Please scroll down to view the full list of available configuration options. At the very bottom, you should see the word “Screen Record.”

Where did screen recording go?

When the screen recording is finished, the video is often either saved to the phone’s media storage or to the phone’s camera roll, depending on which is the default. It is most likely that the screen recording has been automatically stored in the section of Google Photos devoted to today. It’s interesting to note that you can modify your screen recordings directly from Google Photos and then save the edited versions.