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Find the Jellies Codes and Much More in Find the Jellies Roblox 2022


find the jellies roblox code

Find Jellies In Roblox

Gamers all over the world are in love with Roblox games. However, playing a Roblox game can be a challenging task. Many people find it hard to find jellies in Roblox. If you want to learn all the tips and tricks to find all the Jellies in Roblox then this guide will be helpful for you. Let’s find out how to find jellies in the virtual world of Roblox.

Apple Jelly And Orange Jelly 

Apple Jelly can be located near the apple tree. The players will have to walk over to the house and find the tree located next to the house. Apple Jelly is right there in the tree.

Up next is the orange jelly which is located right next to the Apple Jelly.

Water Jelly

If you are looking for water Jelly, then you will have to find the water well in the game. Inside the water well, there is a waterfall. Once you squeeze inside the water you will be able to spot the Apple Jelly inside the waterfalls.

Scared Jelly and Corrupt Jelly

Most gamers find it hard to find the scared jelly. If you know the right tricks to find this jelly, then you will be able to find it easily. Scared Jelly is trapped inside the camouflage and is struck by the natural Jelly. Similar is the case with corrupt jelly. It is hidden somewhere and you got to hit five switches to find it. Once you start to boom you will be able to catch each one of them one by one.

Flower Jelly 

Once you get your hands on water jelly you are done finding the flower jelly. The house located near the waterfall has a little flower bed. You will have to go there and get inside the kitchen. There you will see a flower bed and flower jelly is spotted right inside the flower bed.

Flip Jelly 

Flip jelly is located near the apple and orange jelly. It doesn’t grow on trees but is spotted right next to the trees. You will have to drop down on the ground to spot the flip jelly. The players will also be able to win a badge near these jellies.

Rock Jelly

Rock Jelly can be hard to crack as you will need to put an extra effort to crack it. The rock people are roaming all over and you will have to break the rock people to get the rock jelly to pop out.

Sneaky Jelly 

Sneaky jelly doesn’t appear in the game instantly. You will have to wait for it to appear. It is somewhere around but might not be right in front of your eyes. It will show up once you interact with the holy moly.

Ice cream Jelly and Coconut Jelly 

Ice cream and coconut jelly are cracked open near the shadow tree. It is located on the beach that is right near the cave. There is a lot of dark all over the cave and you will have to be extra careful to find both the jellies.

Golden Jelly 

Golden Jelly can be challenging to find as you will have to swim in the sea to reach your destination. Inside the water, you will find a shovel. You will have to do some digging with the shovel to crack this jelly. The golden Jelly is located inside the treasure chest and will be revealed once you dig with the shovel.

Pink Jelly and Coral Jelly

Pink jelly and coral jelly are easy to find as they are inside the Easter egg. Jump up and down and crack these jellies.

Yellow Jelly and Sky Jelly 

Yellow jelly is prominent because of its bright color. It is inside the house and you got to climb inside the house to find the jelly. The sky jelly will fall from the sky after you get your hands on the yellow jelly.

How to Get Lightning Jelly in Find the Jellies

Rainbow jelly is an easy one to find. You will have to crack the code near the lightning jelly and the white jelly. The white jelly is hanging out in the toilet and can be cracked once you enter the toilet area.

Rainbow Jelly and white jelly

You just have to flush down and find the paintbrush to crack this jelly. Rainbow jelly is right above the house. The jelly is hidden inside the blue sky and you will have to scratch the sky to find the rainbow jelly. It is colorful and can be easily spotted inside the sky.

How to Get Sponge Jelly in Find the Jellies and Cake Jelly 

The one million cake jelly is awarded to you after you win the badge. You will meet with SpongeBob and Patrick near the Easter eggs. The SpongeBob music will be played in the background once you find the cake jelly. The players will be celebrating their birthday once they are awarded the cake jelly.

This jelly comes in different colors and it might be hard to differentiate it from other jellies. It has a cake-like structure and is awarded to the players after they have won a batch or completed a task.

Red Jelly

The next jelly that you will have to find is the red jelly. To find this jelly you will have to find the key which opens the door to the house. It can be tricking to find the key and this makes the red jelly a hard one to crack. If you have been flitching and clicking on the keys properly then you will be able to find the right key as quickly as possible. You will have to try a few times to find the right key but once you find the key the red jelly will pop out of nowhere.

Purple jelly

The next one is the purple jelly. You will get to do some amazing stuff here to find this jelly. You might go the wrong way and mess up so make sure to track the right spots and directions when you are looking for purple jelly. Once you have tracked the right way you should get ahead. The Purple jelly is trapped inside the ground under the tree. You will have to dig it deeper and deeper to make the purple jelly pop out.

Angry Jelly

The player has to make sure that they use such techniques that they don’t fall. It will mess up the gameplay if you fall and may lose your chance to find the jelly. Keep moving forward and there you find a new jelly.

Next up will be the angry jelly. Similarly, you can find a lot more on the mountainside nearby. There is a hot wall popularly known as the hulk. For this, the player has to come crashing through like a Kool-Aid man. Isn’t it fun to unlock these incredible secrets right away?

Phantom and Bully Jelly

Next up is the phantom jelly and you may find it a little challenging to handle. The best part is not to get scared and handle this bully jelly the way you want. You may be afraid of the obbys but need not be afraid of the bullies.

As you move forward while looking for the jellies, just imagine how far it can go. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself while finding the phantom jelly. At this point, the player usually feels that he has got something on his face.

If you get a push or fall, try to stand up and continue facing the Bully. It is more like a regular jelly but if the player moves forward without care it can be dangerous.

Oily Jelly

The player will be surprised to catch up with an oily jelly. They make look weird but it will become your hobby to catch them. We can say if it is safe to touch it. However you can try if you want, but you may get hit.

Cyborg jelly

Cyborg jelly looks sweet and it will be hanging right up on the roof. Stop for a moment and climb to catch this jelly. This jelly appears to be sad as it is on the rooftop. However, it is a pretty sweet spot. You get to see a cool view and all of it is because of a bully.

Whenever the player falls he will have to wait for his health to go back to the original. If you fall a little too far, your health will be drained a lot more. When you move closer to the edge it may seem a little messed up.

Even if you go pretty far let’s not move towards the end. You are supposed to look for a ladder right there and feel at ease. Jump here and there and everything will be fine as you are looking for a new jelly here. The problem is the bully jelly as it keeps hitting back and forth and the player’s health deteriorates.

Inverted Jelly

Your next destination will be to move back into the house and the basement. It will open up your way into the maze. Even if you are terrible at mazes, worry not. There is no doubt it gives an amazing and unbeatable feeling. Hello there, the inverted jelly is staying inside the maze. You get a badge here as a reward and move next to the nerf jelly.

Blizzard Jelly and Dull Jelly

Next up will be the blizzard Jelly alright? It is causing a ruckus in the cold so what can you do? The jelly is frozen and you must wait for it to melt. Till then you can look for dull jelly.

Here is a chance to collect two to three jellies at the same time. Just click on one another and head your way out of the maze. For finding a bunch of new jellies just type three seven and five as your code. You may get another five jellies Boom!

Horned Jelly

Players don’t worry as horned jelly is up next. You need to start getting creative here, by keeping moving. Finding some ice here will be normal but you just need to push it around as it is light. The most important step is to concentrate and look for a way to get in touch with your preferred jelly. At this point, the power jelly will not be happy as it can walk around on its own.

Mammoth Jelly and Water Jelly

Have you already got the horned jelly? Say thanks to yourself as right up next is the mammoth jelly. If you are curious to know where the water jelly is? It is nearby. You don’t need to do much and do the old school way, all right? Over here the player can simply clock on the block several times.

Try completing it until it can reach zero. For example, you have to put 7499 as your code. Clicking the mouse till you reach the number zero can be energy-draining of course. As a result, you may find many jellies.

Egg Jelly

When you move up the ice mountain it will feel slippery. It is difficult to hang on there but the view will be amazing. There you find the egg jelly and climb next to the house. You will feel excited to get in touch with some more jellies there that include the plant jelly.

Snow Jelly

Head back to the winter wonderland and catch up with the snow jelly. You will almost feel that the snow panda is right there. Take up the magnifying glass and look closely for this jelly.

Camouflaged Jelly

You need to keep moving up the ice mountain and look for the camouflaged jelly. It is right next to the glacier jelly. The player must collect the jelly carefully or else you may lose your chance. Just click on the bucket and collect the entire jelly at the same time.

Wrap Up

If you are interested to know more about how to find jellies in Roblox follow the rules mentioned above. You need to concentrate on the game and prevent your energy from draining. Have you tried Roblox yet? If not, why not try this wonderful game? It is a treat for all gaming lovers.