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Fire Emblem Engage – How to Get and Use Master Seal


Unit classifications are very important in Fire Emblem Engage, yet the game doesn’t explicitly teach you how to switch between them. In Fire Emblem Engage, leveling up isn’t the only way to gain stronger; players must also use Master Seals to improve their characters from Base Classes to Advanced Classes. You will learn how to obtain and utilize the master seal in Fire Emblem Engage by reading this article:

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How to Get a Master Seal

Yes, sadly, moving a unit up to the Advanced tier class comes with a price. Those who played Fire Emblem Three Houses, which used a very similar system a few years ago, may recognize how Fire Emblem Engage employs Seals to advance units. You will require one Master Seal for each unit you wish to promote from Basic to Advanced.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get and Use Master Seal

In certain situations, this can be a challenging request because, to promote ten or so units out of Basic tier, you will want the precise quantity of Master Seals. Playing through the Fire Emblem Engage Paralogue Battles featuring the game’s elder heroes is one way to obtain Master Seals. A Paralogue Battle option occasionally becomes available on the overworld map during the engagement plot. A dazzling purple diamond emblem denotes it.

You will receive a Master Seal for each of these optional bouts you complete. However, these conflicts are extremely difficult due to the recommended unit level and the fact that they frequently severely limit the number of troops you may bring into battle—in many circumstances, reducing the maximum number of units to as little as six.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get and Use Master Seal

In contrast, Master Seals can be bought in Somniel with the necessary money. Anisse’s Item Shop is located in the Plaza, and upon entering, you can buy a Master Seal for 2,500G each. It’s not inexpensive to get Master Seals, but this is your only recourse if Paralogue Battles aren’t working for you.

How to Use Master Seals

Players might be unsure on how to use their Master Seals now that they have them. A character that satisfies the requirements can be upgraded from a Base Class to an Advanced Class using Master Seals. A character must possess specific weapon proficiencies and be level 10 in the Base Class to be eligible for any Advanced Class. Players can easily switch between classes by using Master Seal once these requirements are satisfied.

Unlike choosing Alear’s gender in Fire Emblem Engage, players may always switch classes, therefore activating the Master Seal isn’t a final decision. It’s important to remember that Master Seals cannot be utilized to move between Base Classes or Advanced Classes. To accomplish this, players will require a different artifact known as a Second Seal.


What level should I be to use Master Seal in Fire Emblem?

You can use a Second Seal to switch to a different non-promoted class or a Master Seal to promote into one of the two classes that the class advances into if you reach level 10+ on any non-promoted class.

How often can you buy Master Seals Fire Emblem Engage?

Master Seals have a limited supply when they first launch, but when players finish chapters 13 and 17, this supply will replenish. Eventually, stock restrictions will be lifted after Chapter 18 is completed, enabling players to buy an endless number of Master Seals.

Should I wait until level 20 to use Master Seal?

Hold off on applying a Master Seal to your units until they are level 20 if you want to maximize them. You will miss out on some experience if you don’t. However, if you’re playing at a high difficulty or in a casual manner, it’s better to advance your units toward level 10.

What is the highest level in Fire Emblem Engage?

Any class can only go as high as level 20. Although it is the official level cap, players will still be able to surpass it by using Master Seals. A Master Seal lowers the unit’s level to 1 without affecting their stats; in this way, they can level up to 20.

How do you farm money in Fire Emblem Engage?

Players in Fire Emblem Engage will have a far higher chance of rolling gold-corrupted fights if they donate to the various Kingdoms. Players will gain between 1,000 and 3,000 more gold in each battle as a result of these battles. Even while this might not seem like much, any little advantage helps in this game.