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Tchia – How to Change Outfits


In the single-player action-adventure game Tchia, users can discover the tale of a girl going by the name “Tchia.” As you advance through the game’s main plot, you can play as Tchia herself and unlock a wide range of accessories and clothes. You will learn how to change clothes in Tchia by reading this article:

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How to Change Outfits

You need to locate a rest area where you can sleep and eat to alter your character’s attire. The Fire Camp is the sole location to rest in Tchia. The World Map has several camps located on large islands. To take a break in the camp, press the Square Button on the PlayStation or the E Button on the PC.

Tchia - How to Change Outfits

You will be seated next to the camp and have the following choices.

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Change Outfit

A completely new menu will appear when you select the Change Outfit option. You can choose different tabs from the menu to alter Tchia’s attire and access further customization features. The following are the customization choices available in the Change Outfit option.

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Shoes
  • Hat
  • Facewear
  • Hair
  • Face Painting
  • Neckwear
  • Bracelets
  • Backpack
  • Glider
  • Ukulele

You can get to all 12 of these character modification choices by taking a nap at the Fire Camp. Tchia’s look is entirely customizable to suit your preferences. You can access different outfit patterns, hairstyles, and face painting as you open further closed places on the map. Special and distinct phrases will be used under the corresponding tab to distinguish the distinct styles.

Tchia - How to Change Outfits

To equip an item, simply select it from the menu by selecting the tab where you wish to modify. You can easily switch up Tchia’s style, so feel free to experiment with different looks for every chapter or island you explore.


Does Tchia have character customization?

With hundreds of unlocking cosmetic pieces that range from a classic style to the most extravagant possibilities, you may customize Tchia’s attire and boat to your liking. Along the road, you’ll also find entertaining and practical items including a camera, slingshot, compass, and flashlight.

What is the age rating for Tchia?

Tchia has an ESRB Teen rating of T and a PEGI rating of 12 and up. The primary factors influencing these ratings are graphic content and violence, making it difficult for parents to evaluate.

Where can I find pearls in Tchia?

Pearls are found underwater in seafloor-dwelling clams in Tchia. The largest obstacle, though, is finding them while maintaining enough energy to avoid drowning—especially if you need to discover two of them for Tre’s coutme. From the surface, it is difficult to see a Clam unless the water is very clean.

Where are the dugongs in Tchia?

Animals that can be found in Tchia are dugongs. They are found in coastal bays like the one by the Hnora Dock. After Tchia gains Soul-Jump, they let her go swimming. Dugongs are unable to make extremely high vertical leaps and swim somewhat slowly.

How do you increase stamina in Tchia?

Players need to locate and eat Stamina Fruit in order to increase Tchia’s stamina. Tchia can gather and eat these unique magic fruits, which are scattered throughout the islands, to increase her stamina meter.

Is there combat in Tchia?

It’s the gameplay that really shines, not the combat, which is confined to the military camps. In the game, Tchia possesses the ability to control inanimate objects and wildlife, such as rocks, explosives, fish, birds, crabs, dolphins, and crabs.